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For those of us who work in mar­ket­ing day-to-day, there’s no deny­ing that so much has changed. But many of our CMOs and indus­try peers just haven’t kept up. Do you agree?

We took to the inter­net to ask mar­keters across Asia Pacific (APAC) what really goes on in their organ­i­sa­tions and here are some of the results:

  • 54% of APAC mar­ket­ing lead­ers base deci­sions on what man­age­ment wants, rather than data
  • 39% of mar­keters believe their team is not aligned with all the busi­ness func­tions, includ­ing IT, cus­tomer ser­vice, and oper­a­tions, to drive dig­i­tal programs.
  • 64% of APAC mar­ket­ing lead­ers value dig­i­tal results over tra­di­tional metrics
  • 47% of APAC mar­ket­ing lead­ers claim to embrace social, but some­one tweets on their behalf.
  • 70% of CEO’s believe dig­i­tal and social can deliver busi­ness transformation.

It seems that although many mar­ket­ing lead­ers value dig­i­tal, they are still hold­ing back and afraid to take the full leap for­ward. Many are still guilty of fol­low­ing top man­age­ment deci­sions rather than adjust­ing their mar­ket­ing efforts based on the data as well as claim­ing to embrace social but rely on oth­ers (prob­a­bly an agency) to tweet on their behalf.

Here are some of the other things mar­keters had to say:

  • “1. The results from dig­i­tal pro­grams can­not con­vince man­age­ment that they may need to invest more. Although feed­back and results say oth­er­wise. 2. ROI and Sales are still the main indicators.”
  • “There are times when ’con­ven­tional wis­dom’, ’what the founders / investors pre­fer’, and ’quick fixes’ take over from deci­sions based on data and facts.”
  • “There is a great inter­est in dig­i­tal at C-level thanks to social media. But on the other hand, very few mar­keters are trained in it or know how to use it to deliver cam­paigns and met­rics in the right way to the C-level audi­ence within com­pa­nies. Cur­rently the drive to show ROI has made mar­keters show ana­lyt­ics based on ran­dom apophe­nia rather than qual­ity gains from mar­ket­ing which are actu­ally a mix of quan­ti­ta­tive and qual­i­ta­tive met­rics rather than a num­bers game alone.”
  • “The cost ratios of dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing are attrac­tive to senior man­age­ment in a com­pany. How­ever, the real ques­tion is whether non mar­keters truly under­stand and buy into the value (as opposed to cost sav­ings) that it brings. The process of inter­nal edu­ca­tion remains an impor­tant com­po­nent of the mix.”
  • “When met­rics are still based on tra­di­tional mar­ket­ing, num­bers gen­er­ated by dig­i­tal activ­i­ties can­not be accu­rately tracked and taken into account.”

The major­ity of mar­keters agree there is an inter­est in dig­i­tal by senior man­age­ment but gen­er­ally there is also a lack of under­stand­ing and skill on how to lever­age it. The power of dig­i­tal is end­less and com­pa­nies which adopt dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing into their over­all strat­egy will have a bet­ter idea of their cus­tomers and how to engage with them, all in real time.

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