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Top 5 APAC Digital Marketing Priorities 2014


Check out the region’s top digital trends in the APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard report.

The Writing on the Wall: An Ever-Fragmenting Audience

Frank Alexander, Senior Account Manager, Adobe Marketing Cloud, SEA & India – LinkedIn

When I’m out in public these days, I can’t help but notice that so many people have stopped looking up when they’re walking. They’ll navigate sidewalks using their peripheral vision, all the while keeping their heads and eyes fixed on the glowing rectangular devices in the palms of their hands.

You can thank Steve Jobs and Apple for introducing products to us we didn’t realize we wanted or needed until they made their debut, we owned them, and they quickly became extensions of our limbs – this goes for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad alike. You can thank Google for introducing Android and the various electronics manufacturers of the hardware it runs on. As a human being, something inside me hopes that one day these folks will put down those devices and start making eye contact again, but as a digital marketer the writing is on the wall and has been for some time: we should be doing everything in our power to capture and retain consumers’ ever-fragmenting attention wherever they are, whenever we can.

A one-size-fits all approach won’t and can’t accomplish this, you need to have a strategy to target and personalize content to your audience.

Join me on July 18th in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands for the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium to see how some e-tailers and a telecommunications giant stopped thinking and started doing. We take a look at the small changes they made that led to big impacts on their respective organizations. Register now as seats are limited.

Digital and Marketing Leaders: The Change Agents

Yu Dan Shi, APAC Industry Strategy Director, Adobe Marketing Cloud – @yudanshi LinkedIn

Yu Dan Shi

After spending 15 years in the field of marketing and digital, this is the first time I am attending a digital marketing event as a host rather than a client. And I cannot be any more excited. With over a thousand of top digital marketing professionals attending the Adobe Symposium in both Singapore and Australia, every one of us will have the opportunity to learn the very latest approaches and best practices on digital and marketing strategy.

The digital landscape has never been more complex and exciting at the same time. For many organzations, digital is no longer just a channel to promote products and services. It is part of the core business strategy that would help accelerate the revenue growth, transform the customer experience, and set them apart from the competitors. No organization can afford to underestimate the impact of digital on all aspects of the business.

However, this paradigm shift has also created immense challenges for the business leaders. Many of us have been tasked to lead and accelerate the digital transformation journey, which means we now increasingly play a change agent role. Many of you would know that change management is a complex and evolving journey. It often requires different skill sets compared to the ones that have made you successful in the past.

In addition to that, talent shortage, digital and traditional marketing divide, lack of cross-channel strategy and ability to accelerate are just some of the challenges today’s digital and marketing leaders face in creating relevant and impactful digital organizations. The leaders who have the ability to overcome these challenges, and create strategies that transform how the companies understand customer behavior and service them in most personalized way will be the true winners in the future. For these reasons, I am looking forward to discussing with you at the event the latest ideas and approaches to organizational transformation and building best-in-class digital marketing organizations.

We have also invited experts and industry thought leaders to share and discuss the best practices on topics ranging from omni-channel, targeting, personalization, advertising, social, to digital marketing organization of the next decade. I invite you to join us this July for an amazing event and experience at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Australia and Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Singapore.

The Top 5 Digital Marketing Priorities in APAC 2013

This infographic is based on the APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012, a joint research by CMO Council and Adobe measuring the state of digital marketing performance and maturity across APAC. Marketers in the APAC region were asked what areas of digital marketing will be their top priorities to execute in 2013.  The top 5 results are displayed below:

Adobe_Mini Infographic-Top 5 Priorities_13 May

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Air China Customer Video

Air China, one of China’s leading airlines talks about how Adobe Site Catalyst, Search Center and Test & Target have helped to optimise their website content and understand their customers’ online behavior better.