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Japanese marketers seek collaboration with IT for successful digital marketing deployment

Hisamichi Kinomoto, VP of Marketing, Japan and Asia Pacific, Adobe Systems

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The recent release of the annual Adobe APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard reveals that although Japanese marketers feel they are not receiving support from their IT departments, they still believe alignment and buy-in from IT is essential to the timely and effective deployment of digital marketing in their organizations.

This in-depth report took three months of detailed quantitative surveying with over 800 marketing executive across the Asia Pacific region including Japan, Australia, China, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. The study is pivotal in benchmarking the levels of adoption, traction, and success of digital across the region.

Here are some key findings from the research this year:

The importance of IT support

Japanese marketers feel most strongly that IT support is essential to the successful deployment of digital marketing, yet they feel they are currently receiving the least amount of IT support – only 6% in Japan compared to 16% in APAC).

Businesses that have experienced a positive business impact from digital marketing initiatives have not only implemented various digital solutions, they also have defined a process within their organization to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve this requires the support not only of the marketing department but also the IT department that is involved in deployment and operation.


Strong senior management support but lower level of confidence in than regional average

As digital technology plays a greater role in customer touchpoints, there is growing awareness among senior management regarding its effectiveness in delivering an improved and integrated customer experience. Japanese marketers have similar support for digital marketing from senior management as their counterparts in Asia Pacific with56% in Japan and 59% in APAC.

However, compared to countries actively investing in digital marketing, the research found that Japanese marketers feel that senior management has a lower level of confidence. Over 63% of senior management in Japan doesn’t have confidence in ROI from investment in digital marketing compared to only 10% in Australia and 22% in Singapore.


What’s next for Japan?

Japanese businesses have opportunities to advance quickly with deploying digital marketing. Customer experience best practice shows that interdivisional communication and cooperation is essential for the successful deployment of digital marketing technologies. Japanese senior leadership has an opportunity to drive collaboration to leverage digital marketing for their companies’ business transformation

Japan’s broadband and mobile environments are well established and many Japanese consumers actively engage in online shopping. There is already a strong foundation in place for businesses to improve customer satisfaction and deliver a richer, more impactful customer engagement experience through a more integrated use of digital marketing.


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Skill shortages in Hong Kong hinder digital marketing growth

Adobe Asia Pacific President - Paul Robson

Paul Robson, President, Adobe Asia Pacific

The third annual APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard by Adobe and CMO Council reveals that the development of digital marketing in Hong Kong is still struggling as skill shortages continue to bit. Across the region there are widening gaps in digital marketing maturity and while all countries understand the importance and value of digital, no country has managed to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist in this area.

Jointly conducted by the CMO Council and Adobe, the third annual APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard was derived from a survey fielded across Asia-Pacific during the second and third quarters of 2014. The study benchmarked the levels of adoption, traction and maturity of digital marketing across Asia-Pacific which includes Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. It included a six-month in-field programme comprising quantitative surveys with over 800 marketing executives, the largest gathering of marketing insights over the years. Senior marketers within the Asia Pacific region from a range of industries took part, with 44% holding a title of Vice President or higher.

The Dashboard has found that the overwhelming majority of the respondents (93%) believe digital marketing can bring competitive advantage to their organizations. Although most of the executives in Asia Pacific recognize the role of digital marketing, the survey shows that countries have different performance on various indicators. Countries such as Singapore, Australia and India are pulling away with strong executive support and digital champions, while South Korea, China and Hong Kong struggle with executive support and skill shortages.

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