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Where are all the digital analysts?

Imogen Riley, Digital Marketing Senior Manager, Adobe APAC – LinkedIn @IERiley

The digital era is upon us. Companies around the globe are already online or moving online. Digital marketing has grown substantially over the years and becoming a priority in many companies. Social media and mobile platforms are becoming pivotal to brands eager to reach customers.  All this has created for an explosion of data. Useful data. But data on its own is just numbers – you need analysis to unlock its secrets and put it to work. And that’s where the problem starts. Where on earth are all the digital analysts?


Skilled data analysts are needed now more than ever to analyse data and make sense of the findings to help justify, improve and optimize marketing efforts and customer engagement.

The lack of digital talent is not just a problem here in Australia but around the globe as well. As the demand for digital increases, it seems likely there will be a talent vacuum for a few years yet to come.

Analytical talent requires practitioners to possess a whole variety of skills, as Damon Scarr, Commercial Director of Yahoo!7 says. “Today you can’t just be a data analyst; you need to be a sociologist, an anthropologist, a strategist and a developer – a veritable digital jack of all trades.”

There are several suggestions companies can follow to help bridge the talent gap. Here are a few:

1)      Invest in the education path for digital talent. This can be done by working together with universities to promote digital courses, internships and help popularise the trade. Think of ways of making it ‘cool’ to young graduates, show them the potential of having such an in-demand talent and let them know that the digital sector is the place to be at the moment!

2)      Take the time and effort to train and up-skill your current team. Instead of waiting around for new digital analysts, invest in your current employees. Get your traditional marketing experts trained so they embrace the digital world.

3)      Given the lack of talent at the moment, ensure that you offer the right work environment and culture to make your company a highly desirable workplace. This means investing in the most sophisticated technology and tools, and developing a culture where digital analysis is central and highly valued to marketing and the business.

4)      Hire and train specialists. Being an expert in every element of digital analysis is almost impossible. The role requires constant training and updating on all the latest technologies and methods. Companies can avoid overwhelming their digital analytics team and optimize their efforts by investing in specialized analysts – such an implementation specialist/engineer who solely manages the implementation of web analytics tools and maintains ongoing implementation changes to capture data. For more information on the sort of specialized roles analysts perform, click here.

As companies are starting to embrace digital media and marketing more and more, the demand for digital analysts skyrockets. What else can we do to bridge the gap? What other suggestions do you have that companies can do to increase the talent pool for digital analysts?

Fairfax Metro Media prepares for the next generation of news

Paul Robson, Managing Director, Adobe Australia & New ZealandLinkedIn

Fairfax publications have been synonymous with quality journalism in Australia since John Fairfax purchased The Sydney Morning Herald in 1841. Fairfax Media is now a leading multi-platform media company in Australasia with metropolitan, rural and regional publications and websites across Australia and New Zealand.

Fairfax Media’s Metro Division has taken a bold and future-focused step, one which many other publishing houses are considering. It’s transforming its metropolitan business into a powerful digital media-based business model that also allows it to remain loyal to its roots in print – something only the combination of Adobe digital marketing and digital media technologies can achieve.

Fairfax Media’s Metro Media division is introducing an end-to-end Adobe editorial publishing platform to power its newly integrated, multi-platform newsrooms for Australian mastheads including The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. The full solution will integrate Adobe technologies including Adobe ® CQAdobe® SiteCatalyst, Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite, content creation technologies from Adobe® Creative Suite 6, along with training support to create a complete Web Experience Management solution.

Like many organisations, Fairfax Media has recognised that effective Web Experience Management is the key to successfully managing, monetising and optimising content on the web. Fairfax’s approach will help its editorial team become much more flexible and efficient with content, and will now be able to create all their content through a central web interface that will automatically output to any platform, including print, mobile, tablet, social and IPTV.

The Adobe Web Experience Management solution will be used by Fairfax to create and author all content, and will feature a next-generation dashboard of real-time analytical data powered by Adobe ® CQ and Adobe® SiteCatalyst that will significantly enhance the way it creates digital experiences for its large and highly fragmented audiences. At a glance, the dashboard will show Fairfax exactly what types and specific pieces of content readers are best engaging with and allow it to tailor the content and advertising of its mastheads more towards the preferences of individuals.

In making this move, Fairfax has given its business a solid foundation to address the swiftly accelerating pace of the local and global media market and prepare its newsrooms for new digital platforms, while also providing a simplified process for its print outlets.

Today’s media landscape has changed dramatically since the Fairfax family first entered the newspaper business over 170 years ago. We have moved from the industrial revolution and into the digital future and Adobe is excited to be part of the transformation of a great Australian company. I look forward to seeing the great content and reader experiences that Fairfax will deliver across all of its platforms.

The Digital Pulse at the Heart of Australian Marketing

Siva Ganeshanandan, Director, Digital Marketing Suite, Adobe APAC – LinkedIn, @sivagatwork

“Everything is digital now,” said the marketing executive I was sitting down to have a coffee with during a break in last week’s Marcus Evans Marketing Summit, held on Australia’s Gold Coast. For me, digital is so central to the marketing world I inhabit, that I take its ubiquity for granted. But I noticed that for many of the audience of more than 60 marketers attending the event, especially those from the B2B sector, the experience was a real eye-opener.

What really stood out for me was that for some of the leaders in their sectors – such as Virgin Mobile and Qantas, digital was not thought of as a separate channel that required a specific budget. Rather, it was an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. One senior marketer from an iconic Australian brand said he could see major campaigns in the future comprising purely digital – perhaps even leaving out free to air TV from the mix.

With digital marketing fully bedded down into the marketing mix, not surprisingly mobile and social were the areas of interest at the event.  Social played a role in every case study presentation  – but there was certainly a divide between the consumer marketers who were fully engaged  and the B2B marketers, for whom there was still clearly an air of cautiousness about ‘being on social’. But the ‘digital divide’ wasn’t as clear-cut as B2C versus B2B or large companies versus smaller organisations, or about the size of the budget

Marketing guru Iggy Pintado (@iggypintado) delivered a keynote on social, emphasizing that we need to be able to prove its business value beyond purely marketing KPIs – something that even the most sophisticated marketers are struggling with. Another interesting idea that was raised during the summit was from Justin Papps of Chandler Macleod, who has started using Facebook as a channel of payment to their employees.

I sat on a panel to talk about trends and directions in Mobile Marketing. An on-the-podium SWOT analysis done by the panel together with all the networking discussions confirmed in my mind what the reports say: there are more Strengths and Opportunities around digital marketing campaigns, including social, than there are Weaknesses and Threats. Indeed the biggest threat was simply being late to the party, and losing out to the competition.

Over coffee with my new marketing executive friend, we ran a simple search on Twitter. Sure enough, it proved his brand was in fact already ‘on social’. Just because his organization hadn’t started their social strategy, didn’t mean they were not already in the game. Digital marketing really is everywhere, the opportunities are terrific and the time to integrate is now.

Digital marketing and analytics gurus can now get certified

Marc Gagne, Senior Director, Digital Marketing, Adobe APAC – LinkedIn

Last weeks’ Digital Marketing Symposium in Beijing was simply amazing. More than 500 marketers attended the event and Adobe announced the launch of an exciting new digital certification program for digital analytics. I’ve been heavily involved in developing this program and as far as I know, it’s the first of its kind to be designed and created in Asia Pacific, specifically to foster the next generation of APAC digital analysts.

The program itself has a rich backstory. The Adobe team is in a privileged position to travel regularly through the APAC region and no matter which country we visit, we always hear the same thing from our customers and partners; “can’t find enough data driven, digital marketers.”  We developed the program in response to this demand as well as to create an industry-standard certification that can confirm proficiency in digital analytics. We designed it specifically for experienced digital analysts, digital marketers, and online decision-makers to help them make the transition from simply managing data, to using it to derive actionable insights which can be applied to make more informed business decisions.

After putting the final touches on the program, we piloted it with help from one of our major Australian customers, Suncorp Bank. The feedback from the Suncorp team following the five-day, interactive course, was very positive and they felt much more confident about working with data, evaluating and measuring results, and applying the learnings to their strategy.

Garth Stubbin, Suncorp’s Advisor, Digital Measurement and Optimisation, said “We undertook this training to raise our capabilities in our quest to become a data-driven organization. We found the course gave us the opportunity to develop vital skills sometimes overlooked by specialists in this field. The training gave us the confidence to uncover opportunities and present insights to stakeholders across our organization.”

 Like the Suncorp team, attendees of the digital certification program will receive training on:

  • Aligning insights to business objectives
  • Planning and reporting on online campaigns
  • Understanding high volumes of data
  • Setting clear goals and assigning digital KPIs
  • Maximising the value from digital campaigns
  • Integration of digital analysis, digital optimisation and monetization
  • Optimising marketing campaign and channel performance
  • Insights from customer segmentation
  • Advanced industry vertical analysis in sectors including Finance, Media and Advertising, Retail and e-Commerce, Travel, Telco and Technology
  • Attendees will complete the course with an Adobe certificate in Digital Analytics

When it comes to data, what’s really important is what you do with the data once you have it.  This course is going to help make that process even more valuable. If you’re working in this field, take a look at the course today.

Here come the Digital Marketers

Julie Cleeland Nicholls, Senior Group Manager, Corporate Communications, Adobe APAC – @jcnsingapore, LinkedIn

This week, the peaceful streets of Salt Lake City in Utah will be filled with the buzz, energy and general craziness that can only be generated by more than 4,000 marketers, advertising executives, digital communications and social media leaders. They’re converging to attend the annual Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, and among them will be more than 80 marketing leaders and strategists from across Asia Pacific, including representatives from China, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Singapore. This is the largest attendance at the event from APAC to date, and it shows how marketers in our region are taking the emergence of digital marketing very seriously indeed.

I’m excited to be attending. I manage social media strategy for Adobe in Asia Pacific, and the last 18 months have been a steep but absolutely fascinating learning curve. I’m especially looking forward to hearing from keynote speakers including Twitter founder Biz Stone, and Arianna Huffington of the renowned Huffington Post. Our own Adobe SVP of Digital Marketing, Brad Rencher, will present his thoughts on ‘The Power of the Digital Self’ and that’s another highlight for me. But in addition to listening and learning myself, together with several of my colleagues from across APAC, I’ll also be posting and sharing updates from this leading-edge forum for our communities across the region.

You can follow what’s happening at Summit on these social media links:

Stay tuned – it’s going to be a big Digital Marketing Week!