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It’s All About the Customer

Hisamichi Kinomoto, VP Marketing, Japan and Asia Pacific, Adobe Systems- LinkedIn

Hisamichi KinomotoCustomer is King – and the best way to provide outstanding service is through a personalised experience.

This is exactly what Shinsei Bank aims to achieve as they adopt Adobe Analytics, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, to support multi-channel marketing and personlise customer experience, alongside a major website refresh.

The introduction of Adobe Analytics to the Shinsei Bank’s website will help the team analyse trends and identify interests among site users in real time and utilize the results in digital marketing strategies, plus provide a personalised customer experience in web, mobile and branch environments by integrating the results with offline customer data and providing them to each branch.

The newly implemented system will be used to integrate customer data from Shinsei Bank’s website and offline transactions. This allows Shinsei to recommend offerings on its website and suggest products to customers at branches. In addition, Adobe Analytics will speed up the system overall, as the analysis of customer trends can be based on website data rather than just offline customer data as before.

By implementing this entire cycle automatically in real time, Shinsei Bank has achieved a system that not only accelerates the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle, but also helps the bank offer more targeted and relevant services,  by combining customer behavior data from its website with offline purchasing histories.

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Great Eastern – Embracing a Healthy Digital Future

Great Eastern, headquartered in Singapore and the oldest and most-established life insurance group in Southeast Asia, was the first company in the world to implement all five digital marketing solutions in one agreement, rolling out Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager including Scene7, Adobe Media Optimizer, and Adobe Social. Adobe Marketing Cloud has become the technology platform that is powering a transformational strategy that redefines standards in customer engagement and service.

Watch Christopher Wei, Group CEO of Great Eastern Holdings Limited talk about how Great Eastern is embracing the digital future with Adobe Marketing Cloud:

A New Era of Customer Interaction: Great Eastern selects Adobe Marketing Cloud to Power its Transformation Digital Strategy

Stephen Hamill, Director of Adobe Marketing Cloud for SEA – LinkedIn @stephenhamill

Great Eastern, the oldest and most-established life insurance group in Southeast Asia is embracing the digital future with the implementation of Adobe Marketing Cloud.  Adobe’s comprehensive digital marketing solutions, driven by powerful data analytic capabilities will provide Great Eastern with a key competitive advantage and usher a new era of customer interaction.

Great Eastern is among the first companies globally to implement all five digital marketing solutions, rolling out Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager including Scene7, Adobe Media Optimizer, and Adobe Social.

In the highly fragmented and noisy digital world, a key solution to standing out from your competitors is through delivering targeted and relevant content to your customers. This is what Great Eastern plans to do with the help of Adobe Experience Manager. A personalised online experience for customers can be created based on better insights as to their needs and expectations. By customising relevant information to individuals, customers will have an even stronger relationship with the brand and will be more satisfied.

Another highlight of the implementation will be the introduction of Adobe Media Optimizer, the industry’s first fully integrated digital advertising platform that delivers cross-channel ad management, optimization and forecasts across search, display and social media campaigns for peak return on investment. Great Eastern is looking to use Adobe Media Optimiser to analyse how their online advertising campaigns are performing in real-time and be able to efficiently adjust and optimise their strategy, so as to ensure they deliver return on investment.

Great Eastern will also make use of Adobe Social to manage and optimize their latest social engagement campaign on Facebook launching July 15. The Live Great Challenge is a fun campaign aimed at supporting consumers to make small lifestyle changes which will have a great impact on their well-being.

The solution implementation has begun and will continue in the months ahead. Great Eastern is embracing digital strategies that bring value to customers as well as give it that valuable edge over its competitors.

Effective Personalisation: An Organisational Challenge

Brent Watson, Head of Digital Marketing Product, Adobe JAPAC – LinkedIn @BrentWatson

Looking across the globe, companies have highly diverse patterns of adoption of digital marketing technologies. Some companies are starting with the basics – how do I make my products and services known and marketable to those who choose to find them? Others are scaling to drive more transparency with measurement and agility with their publishing capabilities to more rapidly adapt to shifting market needs and interests. Then there are those fighting for audience first, in order to have the chance to tell their story at all. The best companies however, are capturing audience via the myriad means available while optimising experiences for conversion. By measuring conversion rates and patterns alongside costs of visitor acquisition and campaign efficacy, they wisely divert marketing spend toward increasing conversion rates via personalisation.

A standard challenge we see in the organisations with whom we work is the need to advocate for added budget when embarking upon personalisation. It’s pretty simple, the more tests you run, the more personalized experiences you deploy, and the more creative assets are needed to serve those individual experiences. This reality never goes away. One key lies in being diligent in measuring the value of the increased conversion being driven by your personalisation tactics. The second key lies in getting your executive leadership to treat the personalisation program as a peer to advertising and other acquisition tactics.

As we watch the competition for growing audiences continues in the APAC region, a strong opportunity remains in driving business results by increased conversion. I am looking forward to the opportunity to share some of the best practices for personalisation while at our Symposium events. I am even more excited to talk with local marketers and understand what tactics they are currently employing for best results, what successes they are having, and what organisational challenges they face.

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Top 5 Reasons for Adoption of Digital Marketing in APAC 2013

The digital world has evolved into an area that in ingrained in many of our lives and has become a space for consumers to interact with their brands. This has provided opportunities for digital marketing to flourish.

There are multiple reasons why organisations are making the shift to digital marketing  –  it’s cost effective, delivers better ROI, it happens in real time etc.  After interviewing 300 marketers in Asia Pacific for the APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012, here are the top 5 reasons for the adoption of digital marketing:

 Top 5 Reasons Adoption of Digital Marketing

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