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Adobe Summit 2013: Voices from the Floor (2)

Stephen Hamill, Director of Digital Marketing for Southeast Asia, interviews customers and delegates at Adobe Summit 2013, the Digital Marketing Conference.

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Adobe Summit 2013: Voices from the Floor

Siva Ganeshanandan, Director of Adobe Marketing Cloud for Asia Pacific, interviews APAC customers and delegates at Adobe Summit 2013, the Digital Marketing Conference.


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Observations from Day 2 at Adobe Summit

Anne Russell, Digital Marketing Manager, Adobe ANZLinkedIn


The second day of Summit delivered more amazing keynotes which did not disappoint.  Firstly, Felix Baumgartner, dare devil & base jumper ( I want that title…!) demonstrated a total leap of faith as well as calculated risks and got us to re-live an extraordinary moment of history. Then Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy received a standing ovation for his amazing work to provide free education around the world. He has dedicated years to providing amazing educational resources online and now helps hundreds of thousands of people young and old improve on their life potential from the US through to Mongolia.

The entire audience was emotional at the end of his presentation. Together with Felix, it really reminded us that  passion,  determination and digital connections can achieve amazing results and following this fantastic keynote, Adobe announced they have made a $50,000 donation to the Khan Academy- what a great moment!

After an emotional and intense morning, the afternoon continued to deliver, with Adobe Senior VP of product development Steve Hammond revealing some of Adobe’s latest technology sneak peeks in the field of analytics, social media and Web experience management.  A fierce Twitter battle followed with a live and highly entertaining commentary from Carrie Brownstein, author, musician and TV owner of Portlandia.

Depot After Dark

Following some great on the spot networking opportunities with Adobe partners and customers as well as some of my American colleagues, more fun awaited us later at the Ski Party. You would think that the atmosphere at a ski party would be as icy as the Utah ski slopes, but the reality was far from it. In fact, this was another great networking opportunity while Adobe partner Responsys handed out great ski prizes. And the party continued into the evening at the Depot After Dark Party sponsored by Hybris software.  Over 400 people gathered to the sound of great DJ tunes followed by some quality karaoke songs performed live by the crowd (I never knew my sales colleagues had such talent!)There was even a special surprise appearance by Taylor Hicks, Amercian Idol season 5 winner!


After all this, I might even be too exhausted to ski but I’m in Utah and there’s snow,  so I think I’d better battle it out with Peter Wright from Melbourne IT and other customers and partners on the snow tracks!

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The Last Millisecond

Julie Cleeland Nicholls, Director, Communications –  APAC Adobe Systems@jcnsingapore, LinkedIn


In the main conference room, 5000 delegates are watching a stunning visual display on a series of oversized screens that comprise the same square footage as an average house. Adobe SVP and General Manager of Digital Marketing Brad Rencher, is telling the audience that one of his favourite parts of preparing for the annual Adobe Summit over the years is reading the list of the titles that delegates use. Five years ago, there was a heavy representation of the word ‘Web’ in delegates’ designations. Today, he says there are 1,800 distinct titles represented, including ‘Digital Taxonomist’, ‘Content Tzar’ and, as he points out, lots of use of the phrase ‘Omni-Channel’. Omni-Channel, says Brad: it’s the new black.

We’re in the opening keynote session on the morning of the first day of Adobe Summit, the Digital Marketing Conference. Among the delegates from 27 different countries are 120 digital marketers from Asia Pacific, all hearing Brad explain that digital marketing is now a board-level conversation; a strategic imperative no business can afford to ignore.

Brad explains the concept of ‘the last millisecond’. As marketers, we’re tasked with delivering experiences to consumers in a fractional space of time: between the action – every swipe, tag, drag and click – and the decision – to buy, to subscribe, to join, or to leave the page.

To deliver a quality, engaging, in-context experience in that last millisecond, marketers need to overcome not only technology barriers but also organizational ones. “We don’t need more tools,” says Brad, “We just need to work better with what’s available now.  Getting access to the data that will deliver the information we need to build the right experiences can  be a big challenge. We need to get to a point where as marketers, we’re able to access our data at any time, simply and easily.”

Where marketers can connect the dots to deliver in that last millisecond, is where the big results start to happen. With Asia’s fast growth, culture of innovation, and smart marketers, it’s going to be very interesting to see what case studies come out of our region in the months and years ahead, as forward-looking companies engage every touchpoint, to deliver consumer experiences that make a real difference to the business.

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Felix Baumgartner at the Adobe Summit! Day 2 Keynote Recap

Suzie Brady, Communications Manager, Adobe ANZ, LinkedIn

Snow clouds are moving in across Salt Lake City on Day Two of the Adobe Summit, the Digital Marketing conference and the delegates are moving slowly this morning. Everyone is still coming down from the Adobe Bash; the excitement of The Black Keys concert, the innovation of the showcase room and the dancing that went on to the early morning. Little did we know we were about to go on a roller coaster ride of emotion, suspense and intrigue at the opening keynote: we were about to jump from space, drive over 100 miles an hour, win an Olympic medal and conquer long division at last!


It might be freezing outside but the temperature rose in the conference room as Austrian base jumper Felix Baumgartner walked on stage. His ‘walk on’ would have been underwhelming if Adobe’s gigantic screens weren’t playing Felix’s record-breaking skydive from space. Even though we know he landed safely after breaking the sound barrier, we delegates were on the edge of our seats as the enormous images beamed out across the room.

Adobe’s John Mellor introduced Felix and spoke about how marketers were forced to make big decisions every day as we take risks to adapt to the pace of the technology evolution.

Felix knows a lot about risk. He said a lot of people call him an adrenalin junkie but he thinks of himself as  a risk manager. His skydive from space was the culmination of five years of meticulous planning. Overlooking any detail would likely result in death and Felix discussed the importance of the team he had around him; the knowledge he acquired to understand every detail of anything that could go wrong and being one step ahead so every possible issue had a solution.

In the middle of his discussion with John, Felix had a little coughing fit and attributed it to a ‘space cough’; he is probably one of the very few in the world who could use that as an excuse to miss work! In the end, Felix said the only unknown factor that remained before the jump was whether a human could survive breaking the sound barrier. It was an inspirational discussion.


Delegates then had to change gear as the giant screens screeched NASCAR footage across the venue. Marc Jenkins, Vice President of Digital Media for NASCAR was joined by Alan Wexler, Executive Vice President, Managing Director for North America and Europe. The duo spoke about how they are working with Adobe to deliver a richer and more personalised experience for their fans.

By taking advantage of rigorous analytics and feedback from fans, NASCAR is allowing fans to interact with their favorite car and its team, and get a real time understanding of what’s happening to the car, and what the team is doing, during a race. That level of detail has never before been available in real time.


Senior Vice President for Digital and Broadcast at NBC, Julie DeTaglia then took delegates on a journey to deliver coverage of the Olympic Games. The challenge to adapt to new technologies every two years is a daunting prospect; but it is often big sporting events that drive innovation and that only benefits viewers.


The keynote ended on a surprisingly emotional note. Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, told the audience how he is changing the world by delivering education videos around the world. His mission statement is to deliver world class education for anyone, anywhere.

The Khan Academy now has over 75 million unique users and Sal’s inspirational journey in his quest to deliver education to anyone, anywhere brought delegates to their feet in a standing ovation. An incredible finish to a great session! You can follow him on Twitter @salkhanacademy


If you couldn’t be part of this fantastic event, don’t despair.  Adobe is bringing you this content and more to events in Sydney and Singapore in mid-year. Register here to receive an invitation.