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Thoughts from the floor – Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2013, Sydney

Anne Russell, Digital Marketing Manager, Adobe ANZ – LinkedIn

Yesterday at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium in Sydney, I was blown away by just how far the marketing industry, technologies and data have evolved in only 12 short months. The event pulled into focus the fact that both consumers’ attention spans and marketers’ reaction times have shrunk dramatically, and that to combat this marketers now must create meaningful experiences for consumers in just milliseconds.

In true digital marketing fashion, this point was enforced by the attendees Twitter conversation on #AdobeSymp (which trended across Australia during the event) as much as by the stellar line up of speakers, which included Commonwealth Bank, US Bank, Digital Brinc, Lenovo, and many more. Attendees and speakers were very passionate about issues including the hybrid of the CIO and CMO, the emerging role of the CDO, how essential mobile optimization and integration is now.

Perhaps Andy Lark, Outgoing Chief Marketing and Online Officer of Commonwealth Bank put it best when he described how fundamental it is for marketers to understand the user, and how essential the cloud is to this. During his 20 minute keynote, he said, more than 52,000 people would log into Netbank and that to create the digital experience Commonwealth Bank customers have come to expect, closer collaboration than ever was needed between the creative, analytics, social, digital and marketing teams – something that only the cloud can truly enable.

Complementing this, Rakesh Nambiar, Vice President, Head of Digital Banking Delivery at USbank started his keynote by saying “I don’t know how marketing works”. Albeit a strange way to talk to a crowd of digital marketers, he explained that he was speaking as a digital delivery and analytics professional, and that the collaboration between his digital, analytics and the marketing teams was the driving force behind creating truly personalized online and offline experiences for USbank that increased revenue and retention.


There was also heavy discussion from several speakers on how the role of the CIO and CMO are becoming increasingly cross-pollinated by need rather than choice. Marketing’s need to incorporate mobile and digital technologies into daily business puts a strain on IT management means CMOs and CIOs must collaborate to succeed. Steven Hallam, Partner at Deloitte Digital discussed this at length in his presentation and summarized it well in a tweet, when he said “CMOs & CIOs – More shotgun wedding’s than happily ever-after’s.

Furthering the discussion, Brad Rencher, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Marketing at Adobe, and several other speakers mentioned recent encounters with “CDOs” (Chief Digital Officers) as a possible solution to the hybrid role of the CMO and CIO. Many people in the room recognized that their current title now reflects a very different role from several years ago, and in a couple of years time (maybe sooner!) we might be looking at a room full of CDOs and re-evaluating the roles and responsibilities of the digital marketer once more.

Between the great discussion throughout the event, as well as the amazing demonstrations and sneak peeks of upcoming technologies from the AdobeLabs team, this year’s symposium was by far the best yet. Bring on #AdobeSymp 2014!

Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2013 – Sydney

Suzie Brady, Communications Manager, Adobe ANZ, LinkedIn


The mood was high in the morning as around 1,000 marketers and digital content managers from across Australia, and around the region, poured into the Hilton in Sydney for the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2013.

The draw card was Adobe’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Marketing Brad Rencher and his Symposium keynote – The Last Millisecond.

Brad’s keynote focused on his theory that digital moments are built in milliseconds and it’s no longer good enough for marketers to just focus on one avenue – like their company’s website.  Brad says marketers must engage everywhere – wherever their customers are, on whatever device they’re using.

With so much data available, marketers need to be able to use it effectively to predict what is going to happen next. Using the data, they need to reliably predict what the next customer touch will be. Brad says when marketers connect these dots, they will radically change their businesses.


Brad’s keynote was inspiring and delegates were enthralled as they realized the opportunities digital marketing presents, and the challenges they need to overcome. Brad’s address was a great way to start the Sydney Symposium. After the keynote followed numerous forward-thinking companies that are already using digital marketing to drive more relevant advertising to their customers and improve business results.

One of such companies is US Bank, where Rakesh Nambiar took to the stage talking about driving successful uptake through digital transformation. Rakesh explained how customer are now demanding personalised experiences and willing to provide personal information to get it. Did you know that 69% of consumers would provide personal info for more tailored financial advice?


The digital bank is the future as interactions online is growing. Another fun fact – 22% of Gen Y customers visited a bank when it was closed. Digital banking is 24/7, some people might have never even gone to a bank in person as almost everything can now be done online.   Of course the digital experience doesn’t just end online, offline interaction is just as important and there needs to be a seamless relationship between the two.

All in all, a great start to the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium. Look out for more sneaks at what went on in the event coming up, including videos!

Driving profitable social relationships with Adobe Social 3.0

Amy Robson, Social & Media Optimizer Specialist, Adobe Marketing CloudLinkedIn

NAmy Robsonext week is the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium, where the widely anticipated  launch of our all new Adobe Social will occur.

Packed with an array of new features and further integration with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we’ve focused on improving the way marketing teams collaborate, utilize social data, and build personal relationships with customers at scale, all on our new tablet first UI.

Big data is a hot topic for digital marketers and social marketing is not exempt. I think Nate Elliot from Forrester put it nicely when he said, “Every day, huge numbers of people tell us what they like by voting for things, reviewing things, and engaging in other online social interactions. All of these behaviours add up to what we call a “database of affinity”: a catalog of people’s tastes and preferences, collected by observing their social behaviours.” But how do we utilize all of this social content to build brand affinity?

Building brand affinity is becoming increasingly difficult with the proliferation of social networks and the amount of content needed to engage with fans.This highlights the need for a solution to collect and aggregate all aspects of social data such as conversations to understand how people are talking about your brand, engagement metrics to understand how customers are reacting to your content and conversion metrics to understand the business impact. This is where Adobe Social really stands out, enabling social marketers to understand what their customers want and how to engage with them to drive profitable social relationships.

I’m personally very excited about Adobe Social 3.0 with its integration into the Adobe Marketing Cloud improving collaboration and workflows so digital marketers can get from data to insights to action, faster and smarter than ever before!

At Symposium we’ll have a sneak peak at Adobe Social 3.0 as well as some great tracks around driving business impact from social marketing and best practices for owned and earned social media.

So don’t forget to register if you haven’t already, as we are close to reaching capacity!

To register for the Sydney Symposium on July 16th click here.

Join us at Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Sydney 2013

Join us at Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Sydney 2013 this 16th July. With over 500 of Australia’s top digital marketing professionals attending, you will have the chance to learn the very latest approaches and best practices in the industry.

Click here to register now as seats are limited!

Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2013

Mark Szulc, Principal Solution Consultant, Adobe – LinkedIn @mszulc

Symposium week is getting closer and if you haven’t heard already, it’s a great event for marketers to get together with their peers to discuss the fast moving pace of change of Digital Marketing. I’m really looking forward to hosting Adobe’s Brad Rencher and a number of other executives, product managers, and evangelists back in Sydney & Singapore. They’ll be sharing their insights from not only what Adobe’s doing with technology innovation, but also what results our leading customers are achieving.

One thing not to miss is the keynote presentation which includes the now-famous mega demo! This is a real tangible example of how we can start using technology to truly break down the silos within today’s organisations, share insights and drive actions across whole departments.

I’ll be presenting a few times in both Sydney & Singapore, specifically discussing how the need for rich content is increasingly becoming a very important part of driving engagement and driving real results. Adobe’s successful customers are moving far beyond basic content management and are now implementing techniques to drive personalised experiences every day. I’ll be sharing some techniques as well as demonstrating how this can be easily achieved, regardless of whether you have a small or large team!

New this year to Symposium is the ‘Sneaks’ session. Being a product geek that I am, I love checking out some of the newest innovation in the work, and the ‘Sneaks’ session really is a chance to look at what wonderful technology we may be using in the not too distant future. This year I’ll be on stage as I get to present one of my favorite sneaks… stay tuned… no spoilers!

Regardless of the content on stage or in the breakouts, one of the main things I really look forward to is the conversations in the hallways and during lunch with our customers & partners - Great stuff happens in the breaks!  I look forward to catching up with as many people as I can. So, come join me in Sydney on the 16th of July and Singapore on the 18th of July. See you there!