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Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2013

Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2013 is fast becoming the world’s premier industry event, held annually in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Salt Palace Convention Center from March 4-8, 2013. Here, thousands of marketers from around the globe come together to learn about the newest trends impacting the industry, what lies ahead for the year, and preview the latest digital marketing technologies on offer from Adobe. Summit 2013 will convene thousands of marketers, advertisers, publishers, agencies, analysts and developers across industries to explore how to create, measure and optimize digital experiences, leveraging the Adobe® Marketing Cloud to build brand loyalty and secure new customers. Attendees can immerse themselves in up to four days of keynotes, informative sessions, training workshops and networking opportunities focused on strategies and best practices for optimizing multi-channel analytics, online conversion, social and mobile marketing, audience segmentation and advertising, and Web experience management.

Summit 2013 – The Leading Digital Marketing and Advertising Event of the Year

Keynotes featuring Adobe executives, industry luminaries and analysts will explore the latest trends impacting the digital marketing industry and provide an outlook on what lies ahead. Summit 2013 will also include a customer and partner showcase, opportunities for attendees to connect with Adobe’s digital marketing experts, a Summit Bash with a surprise headliner concert, receptions, and a world-class ski day.

More than 70 breakout sessions!

The sessions will feature leading companies and Adobe digital marketing professionals will delve into analytics and reporting, social media marketing, digital advertising, personalized customer engagement, and maximizing digital marketing investments. Sessions are designed to provide real-world skills development including demos, tips and tricks, and tutorials on how to efficiently use Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Registered attendees can sign up for sessions within these seven tracks:

  • Digital Analytics (for Web Analysts, digital and mobile marketers) – Hear from your peers and Adobe experts as they reveal analytics principles, strategies and techniques for optimizing performance of digital marketing campaigns by making online, social, mobile, video and customer analytics data actionable. Web and business analysts will learn how digital analytics can effectively identify the most profitable strategies to serve customers, engage audiences with compelling content, and determine the critical inputs to achieve digital marketing success.
  • Web Experience Management (for content, digital and mobile marketers) – Join Adobe’s experts, plus innovative marketers and technologists from leading enterprises, to discover the latest strategies and solutions for creating relevant brand and commerce experiences. Discover new ideas, learn tips and tricks, and explore the latest solutions for Web content and digital asset management that will give you and your company a competitive edge.
  • Digital Advertising (for advertisers and publishers) – Gain valuable insights on how to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message across channels while maintaining your budget and positively impacting ROI. Learn how to focus resources on the most salient and impactful solutions in order to compete in the aggressive advertising landscape.
  • Targeting & Optimization (for content and digital marketers) – Obtain effective digital strategies for targeting potential and existing customers. Ensure that their interactions with your business are meaningful by creating connections with customers that drive stronger engagement and higher conversion. The key to digital success is accurate and effective data-driven targeting and ongoing, disciplined optimization.
  • Social Marketing (for social marketers and community managers) – Discover the latest trends, challenges, and how leading social marketers are harnessing social media to improve ROI and extend relationships with their customers. Social media marketing is the fastest growing digital channel of 2012 and cannot be an isolated marketing tactic. Social influences all marketing activity, and businesses demand solutions that connect social activity to their business results.
  • Marketing Innovation (for marketing executives) – Meet with industry luminaries and innovative business leaders who are at the forefront when it comes to marketing in the age of the digital self. These speakers will share their expertise, vision and experience on how to take digital marketing to the next level. Marketing Innovations combines their leadership insights, marketing strategies and the solutions that allow them to build the next generation of marketing.
  • Tech Labs (for developers) – Interact with Adobe’s top technologists who will share innovative approaches to measurement and optimization across your digital marketing activities. Learn how to capture data from unique new sources in video and social while using Adobe APIs and SDKs to automate processes and leverage your data. Developers will get hands-on experience at every lab and walk away with code assets to implement in digital marketing initiatives.

Additionally, customers can take advantage of interactive workshops offered by Adobe Training Services (March 4-5, 2013), which will provide in-depth training on specified Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Courses will be available at a rate of $700 per one-day session and $1,400 per two-day session. There is an option to sign up for Adobe Training Services classes when registering for the conference.

This event is critical for marketers, publishers and advertisers looking to engage with industry experts and get the latest information on digital marketing.

Don’t miss Summit 2013! Register today and take advantage of early bird pricing until Sunday, January 13, 2013. Loyalist pricing is also available for previous Summit attendees until Sunday, December 16, 2012. Visit the registration, pricing and accommodations page for more information about special discounts and group passes.

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mUmBRELLA 360 2012: Media Battles and Marketing Success

By Anne Russell, Digital Marketing Manager, Adobe Australia – LinkedIn, @arussellmktg

ExactTarget’s Eric Prugh presenting at mUmBRELLA 360 2012

An entertaining battle of the media took place at the recent second annual Mumbrella360 conference, where over 700 attendees met over 2 days to discuss Australia’s media and marketing landscape. Across different presentation tracks, interviews and discussion panels, conference attendees were encouraged to settle a long-standing industry debate: Which medium is preferred these days:  Radio advertising, film advertising, magazines, outdoor or digital?

The first day saw battles between outdoor versus newspapers, TV versus magazines, and online versus cinema. That morning, we saw some interesting arguments, with each presenter strongly defending their medium. It was argued that movies reign supreme – reaching over 100 million Australians each year — the humble radio’s air waves still reach audiences throughout the day, at any given time. Some argued against newspaper advertising, making the case that even the most widely read dailies still compete with dozens of other direct messages, decreasing potential impact.

During his interview with mUmBRELLA’s editor, Tim Burrowes, Commonwealth Bank Chief Marketing and Online Officer, Andy Lark, told the conference that marketers can benefit from using multiple media sources to communicate with their audiences. Commbank has been using multiple platforms, including newspapers and TV as well as online to promote its new engagement campaign, “CAN”, around Australia.

My take on this is that whatever your strategy, it needs to be relevant, personal and measurable. Measurement is key to gauge return on investment and the most indisputably effective ways to achieve that are in the digital space. Why? Because, as Adobe’s Mark Phibbs and ExactTarget’s Eric Prugh shared in their “Intimate Insights into Digital Marketing” presentation on day 1, digital marketing works!

Today’s customers can be targeted by experience using over 30 different marketing tactics at any given time. Search, landing pages, blogs, social networks, online display advertising to email, online videos and webinars all play a role in the mix.  The challenge marketers have is budget limitations and the need to quantitatively demonstrate impact. Digital marketing is revolutionary because for the first time, we can see how successful our campaigns are as data and analytics let us measure many touch points. By using all the data you accrue about your customers, you can create a more seamless, individualised and engaging experience for your audience. .

So even if TV, newspaper, radio and outdoor ad placements are still part of the marketing mix, I believe digital is going to play a more  prominent part in marketing campaigns, and at the same time this shift is happening, it’s time for  marketers to take the steps to capture and analyse their data to aim for measureable results.