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Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Singapore: Opportunities for Southeast Asian Digital Marketers

Customers, partners & delegates at Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Singapore share their thoughts on the opportunities for Southeast Asian digital marketers.

Addressing the key challenges for Australia’s Marketers 2013

Davinia Noble, Account Director ANZ, Adobe Marketing CloudLinkedIn @DaviniaNoble

On July 16th, Sydney is hosting one of the key digital marketing events of the year. The Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium is in town for a one-day event, bringing together Australia and New Zealand’s finest digital leaders to discuss the next big bets in digital.

I first attended this event in 2012 - and joined the other 450+ delegates to hear more about the current state and forecasts on the digital economy.  Adobe organised various breakout sessions, sharing trends and insights in mobile, web and social transformation – complimented with a few sneak peaks of Adobe’s technology in those areas.  We heard from marketing leaders of iconic ANZ brands, such as CBA, Fairfax and Telstra as they embarked on their own journey of digital transformation.

Everyone knows Adobe for our world leading Creative Suite technology.  However in 2012, Adobe launched a new platform, the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which enables marketers to manage, mobilise, measure and monetise digital content more quickly, and more effectively than ever before.

In the last 12 months, the digital marketing landscape has continued to evolve at an incredible pace.  A technological acceleration is happening: smartphones will soon be in every pocket giving the consumer a new sense of power – which in turn brings a new set of challenges to marketers.  Consumers now have new, heightened expectations around access, availability, speed and relevancy when it comes to their digital experience.  Gone are the days when your digital strategy is all about driving customers to your website and converting them.  Whether it’s an app, a Facebook Page, a PC, phone or Tablet, you have to go to your customers or they won’t come to you.  Australia’s most successful marketers are integrating all channels to engage their customers wherever they are.

At Symposium, we will be addressing key industry needs such as:

  • How to iterate and act more quickly to better meet consumer expectations
  • Stay on top of the mobile explosion and deliver better mobile experiences
  • Simplify complex tasks of delivering the right experience and content to the right person at the right time

I’m most looking forward to the keynote speakers at Symposium this year.  Our line-up of presenters includes Adobe’s Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing, Brad Rencher, Adobe’s ANZ Managing Director, Paul Robson and Rakesh Nambiar from US Bank.  The agenda also includes customer case studies by Telstra and Fairfax NZ sharing insights and strategies in digital for 2013.

If you’re keen to learn more about the agenda, click here for details and register now!

Top 5 Reasons for Adoption of Digital Marketing in APAC 2013

The digital world has evolved into an area that in ingrained in many of our lives and has become a space for consumers to interact with their brands. This has provided opportunities for digital marketing to flourish.

There are multiple reasons why organisations are making the shift to digital marketing  –  it’s cost effective, delivers better ROI, it happens in real time etc.  After interviewing 300 marketers in Asia Pacific for the APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012, here are the top 5 reasons for the adoption of digital marketing:

 Top 5 Reasons Adoption of Digital Marketing

Wondering what’s all the hype about digital marketing? Find out at Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium this July in Australia & Singapore. Register now to get access to the latest tips, tricks & technology.

10 Snake Themed Digital Marketing Predictions to Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Snake!

Siva Ganeshanandan, Director, Adobe Marketing Cloud, APAC – LinkedIn, @sivagatwork

It’s the Chinese year of the snake…and here are my predictions for what will be happening in the world of the Digital Marketer in APAC – with a snake theme.




1) Venom: Big Data in the Hands of the Marketer

Big Data is still today, focused on transactional systems – sales data, booking data, phone usage data etc. There is a lot of high signal to noise ratio that these systems like, but they are still too slow and inflexible to allow a data query conversation:

>Do customers with a higher NPS spend more with us?
Wait a few days, to build a new cube and run through the data.
>Yes – promoters spend 25% more than detractors and neutrals.
>Ok – can you break down neutrals and detractors? Yes, 30% less and 20% less.
>How often do the promoters transact with us?

Before you know it, before you have something you can use – a month has gone by.

Then if you throw in marketing data – you are really in trouble. There is a high noise to signal ratio and many ‘Big Data’ solutions are not great at handling this.

In reality however, the combination is where the power is.  Think of this example: Based on this loyal customer’s previous bookings, I should give him a promotion on flights to London in the lead up to Christmas. This is based on years of behavior shown on my frequent flyer program. But if, before logging in, the customer spent 5 minutes on my destination guide to Bali, and did some search for flights to Bali around Christmas time, that is a stronger indicator of intent.

Bringing the two sources of data together is critical, and customer insights departments are starting to see the value of behavior data (and of combining it with their Data Warehouses).

Big data will start to deliver insights that move the marketing needle.

Looking back and moving forward –Digital Marketing at Adobe