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Picking up the Pace: SEA no longer a follower in digital

Stephen Hamill, Director of Adobe Marketing Cloud for SEA – LinkedIn @stephenhamill

An interview with Stephen Hamill from Adobe SEA on his views on the digital marketing landscape in the region, top 3 trends and challenges, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Singapore:


1) What are your views on the digital marketing landscape in SEA?

Traditionally SEA has looked to the US, EU and even ANZ to prove digital concepts and innovation.  The stresses that globalisation, cloud and multi-channel are putting on SEA businesses are demanding that local companies close the time-gap between their US counterparts and themselves. SEA companies can no longer wait and be a follower, they need to take action as changes occur.

This puts local companies in a slightly uncomfortable position where they need to have the tools to innovate quickly, test for success fail fast or adapt quickly.  On-line is no longer seen as just the company’s website;  it is often shifting to be viewed as their primary business and as such the profile of on-line is increasing dramatically at the highest levels of the organization.  I am regularly surprised when speaking to C-level clients, as they are so digitally savvy and their focus is shifting more and more to perceiving digital as a primary business driver.  Only a handful of years back my conversations with middle to senior leadership would be around the frustrations of helping their senior executives understand the value of digital and the inherent challenges in the multi-channel world.  This is no longer the case: the CEO of a large financial institution recently finished a meeting with me with the statement, “it’s a no-brainer”.

2) In your opinion, what are the top 3 trends emerging in digital marketing?

  1. CMOs are more prominent and increasingly driving business growth
  2. Struggle to deal with the complexity of multiple digital marketing challenges all at once
  3. Traditional businesses (finance and media) that have been slow to fully commit are now making the move

3) From your experience with talking with customers, what are their top 3 challenges in the digital marketing space?

  1. Connecting data with content- providing a personalized experience that gives clients the experience that delights them and encourages a deeper relationship. Organisations need to be able to react in real-time and deliver in the last millisecond.
  2. Connecting the various components necessary for successful digital marketing in a meaningful way without becoming a system integrator – The Nirvana of digital marketing platforms is not just a vision, it’s a reality but making the parts work together is the biggest challenge. At the moment many organisations are finding their systems working in silos and what is needed is an integration of all those systems to allow for fast and effective delivery.
  3. Creating any meaningful digital strategy – 5 year strategy plans are out.  Imagine a 5 year digital strategy created 5 years ago; it wouldn’t have tablet devices and probably wouldn’t consider social as a business tool.  Building an infrastructure that will last, will be flexible enough to withstand whatever comes next and empowers innovation is a challenge most clients struggle to solve.

4) Why Adobe Marketing Cloud?

Digital marketing is faster paced than any other business discipline and as such the need to stay ahead and informed is paramount.  Milliseconds can make the difference between digital success and digital failure and the need for businesses to be on top and equipped with the tools necessary to survive is not negotiable.  Delivery of the latest technology and features, integration with other marketing components right now is only possible through the cloud.  Adobe is pioneering this space and the others are chasing us to try to keep up.

5) What you are looking forward to at Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Singapore on July 18?

Despite the fact that we are the global leader as recognised by the analysts in Digital experience, the majority of our SEA marketing colleagues are still discovering the extent of Adobe’s experience and capability in this space.  I am looking forward sharing our proposition: end-to-end creation to monetisation and helping them re-think and innovate their multi-platform marketing strategies.

Join Stephen Hamill at Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Singapore on July 18 for more on the latest trends, tips and best practices for digital marketing. Register now as seats are limited.

Addressing the key challenges for Australia’s Marketers 2013

Davinia Noble, Account Director ANZ, Adobe Marketing CloudLinkedIn @DaviniaNoble

On July 16th, Sydney is hosting one of the key digital marketing events of the year. The Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium is in town for a one-day event, bringing together Australia and New Zealand’s finest digital leaders to discuss the next big bets in digital.

I first attended this event in 2012 - and joined the other 450+ delegates to hear more about the current state and forecasts on the digital economy.  Adobe organised various breakout sessions, sharing trends and insights in mobile, web and social transformation – complimented with a few sneak peaks of Adobe’s technology in those areas.  We heard from marketing leaders of iconic ANZ brands, such as CBA, Fairfax and Telstra as they embarked on their own journey of digital transformation.

Everyone knows Adobe for our world leading Creative Suite technology.  However in 2012, Adobe launched a new platform, the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which enables marketers to manage, mobilise, measure and monetise digital content more quickly, and more effectively than ever before.

In the last 12 months, the digital marketing landscape has continued to evolve at an incredible pace.  A technological acceleration is happening: smartphones will soon be in every pocket giving the consumer a new sense of power – which in turn brings a new set of challenges to marketers.  Consumers now have new, heightened expectations around access, availability, speed and relevancy when it comes to their digital experience.  Gone are the days when your digital strategy is all about driving customers to your website and converting them.  Whether it’s an app, a Facebook Page, a PC, phone or Tablet, you have to go to your customers or they won’t come to you.  Australia’s most successful marketers are integrating all channels to engage their customers wherever they are.

At Symposium, we will be addressing key industry needs such as:

  • How to iterate and act more quickly to better meet consumer expectations
  • Stay on top of the mobile explosion and deliver better mobile experiences
  • Simplify complex tasks of delivering the right experience and content to the right person at the right time

I’m most looking forward to the keynote speakers at Symposium this year.  Our line-up of presenters includes Adobe’s Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing, Brad Rencher, Adobe’s ANZ Managing Director, Paul Robson and Rakesh Nambiar from US Bank.  The agenda also includes customer case studies by Telstra and Fairfax NZ sharing insights and strategies in digital for 2013.

If you’re keen to learn more about the agenda, click here for details and register now!

Digital and Marketing Leaders: The Change Agents

Yu Dan Shi, APAC Industry Strategy Director, Adobe Marketing Cloud – @yudanshi LinkedIn

Yu Dan Shi

After spending 15 years in the field of marketing and digital, this is the first time I am attending a digital marketing event as a host rather than a client. And I cannot be any more excited. With over a thousand of top digital marketing professionals attending the Adobe Symposium in both Singapore and Australia, every one of us will have the opportunity to learn the very latest approaches and best practices on digital and marketing strategy.

The digital landscape has never been more complex and exciting at the same time. For many organzations, digital is no longer just a channel to promote products and services. It is part of the core business strategy that would help accelerate the revenue growth, transform the customer experience, and set them apart from the competitors. No organization can afford to underestimate the impact of digital on all aspects of the business.

However, this paradigm shift has also created immense challenges for the business leaders. Many of us have been tasked to lead and accelerate the digital transformation journey, which means we now increasingly play a change agent role. Many of you would know that change management is a complex and evolving journey. It often requires different skill sets compared to the ones that have made you successful in the past.

In addition to that, talent shortage, digital and traditional marketing divide, lack of cross-channel strategy and ability to accelerate are just some of the challenges today’s digital and marketing leaders face in creating relevant and impactful digital organizations. The leaders who have the ability to overcome these challenges, and create strategies that transform how the companies understand customer behavior and service them in most personalized way will be the true winners in the future. For these reasons, I am looking forward to discussing with you at the event the latest ideas and approaches to organizational transformation and building best-in-class digital marketing organizations.

We have also invited experts and industry thought leaders to share and discuss the best practices on topics ranging from omni-channel, targeting, personalization, advertising, social, to digital marketing organization of the next decade. I invite you to join us this July for an amazing event and experience at the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Australia and Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium Singapore.

Benchmarking Asia Pacific: A Unique Region

Mark Phibbs from Adobe and Liz Miller from the CMO Council discuss the methodology behind the APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard 2012 and how Asia Pacific is a unique region.

Capitalise on Asia Pacific’s growth and learn the latest digital marketing know-how to boost your business at Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2013! Join us in Sydney on the 16th of July or Singapore on the 18th of July 2013.  Register here now to receive an invitation

The Last Millisecond

Julie Cleeland Nicholls, Director, Communications -  APAC Adobe Systems@jcnsingapore, LinkedIn


In the main conference room, 5000 delegates are watching a stunning visual display on a series of oversized screens that comprise the same square footage as an average house. Adobe SVP and General Manager of Digital Marketing Brad Rencher, is telling the audience that one of his favourite parts of preparing for the annual Adobe Summit over the years is reading the list of the titles that delegates use. Five years ago, there was a heavy representation of the word ‘Web’ in delegates’ designations. Today, he says there are 1,800 distinct titles represented, including ‘Digital Taxonomist’, ‘Content Tzar’ and, as he points out, lots of use of the phrase ‘Omni-Channel’. Omni-Channel, says Brad: it’s the new black.

We’re in the opening keynote session on the morning of the first day of Adobe Summit, the Digital Marketing Conference. Among the delegates from 27 different countries are 120 digital marketers from Asia Pacific, all hearing Brad explain that digital marketing is now a board-level conversation; a strategic imperative no business can afford to ignore.

Brad explains the concept of ‘the last millisecond’. As marketers, we’re tasked with delivering experiences to consumers in a fractional space of time: between the action – every swipe, tag, drag and click – and the decision – to buy, to subscribe, to join, or to leave the page.

To deliver a quality, engaging, in-context experience in that last millisecond, marketers need to overcome not only technology barriers but also organizational ones. “We don’t need more tools,” says Brad, “We just need to work better with what’s available now.  Getting access to the data that will deliver the information we need to build the right experiences can  be a big challenge. We need to get to a point where as marketers, we’re able to access our data at any time, simply and easily.”

Where marketers can connect the dots to deliver in that last millisecond, is where the big results start to happen. With Asia’s fast growth, culture of innovation, and smart marketers, it’s going to be very interesting to see what case studies come out of our region in the months and years ahead, as forward-looking companies engage every touchpoint, to deliver consumer experiences that make a real difference to the business.

Coming soon to Sydney and Singapore: Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2013. Register here to receive an invitation.