Producing ePub Documents from InDesign

Today is the last day of Piotr Kula, who worked with us as a summer intern. While he himself has to go back to study at Berkeley, we still have a lot of documentation that he wrote while working here. I am going to edit and publish some of these documents on this blog and here is the first installment on creating ePub documents with InDesign.

2 Responses to Producing ePub Documents from InDesign

  1. Rob Preece says:

    I’m pleased that you guys did an InDesign macro for creating ePub. I think, though, that most of us in the small publishing world would like a Word or OpenDoc macro. I know you need to figure out how to make money with it, but there’s a chicken and egg here–no books feeds no readers feeds no books. I can’t justify spending money for one more format if that format costs me money and there aren’t any readers for it–yet.Rob PreecePublisher,

  2. Debikf says:

    Userful blog. Thanks!