Hello – my name is Peter Sorotokin and I along with other engineers on the Adobe Digital Editions team are going to use this blog to talk about technical details, tips and tricks which are relevant to the electronic books. There are a lot of things to cover, so please use this entry to ask questions – this way I know what people are interested to know.

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  1. ADE does not currently support bi-directional text, so we cannot use it with Arabic epub books for example. Is there any plans to support bi-directional (e.g., right-to-left) text?My understanding is that Flash Player 10 will support bi-directional text and since it is used as the rendering engine for ADE, may be you will support bi-directional when Flash Player 10 is released. If that is so, what time frame are we looking for?Another question is MathML. If ADE does not support MathML, it will not be possible to use it for epub books with any amount of mathematics or formulas. epub has a way of MathML as an island in the html code, so we have a way of coding mathml in epub, but we need the viewers support to make this useful. This is a must for technical books and articles as well as for most of the text books.With many thanks,Ahmed Hindawi

  2. Bob Russell says:

    I’d like to get a better feel for how you see Digital Editions from within the company. Not the polished formal or comprehensive and official description, but in your minds what’s the main point of it, what’s the intent, and where would you like to see it progress in the future? What sort of (realistic) hopes do you have for it’s adoption, and how can that be encouraged along?Thanks for the blog. I really look forward to your information and thoughts in the months to come!

  3. What about the .xpgt file? It is possible to deduce most of it, but more complete detail would be good. (like: reducing the top margin on the first page, and interaction of column min-widths and font-size…)And how will its operation fit with future implementation of the OPS extra CSS properties: display:oeb-page-head; display:oeb-page-foot; and oeb-column-number:[integer]; ?

  4. I would like to know more about issues that directly affect ebook customers, such as activation, portability, backup and upgrades from previous programs.Customers used to Adobe Reader 7 with its named activation and backup options are now asking us what to do. Right now, we have no idea!I’m therefore hoping for an insider’s view of these issues 🙂

  5. Martyn Daniels says:

    today’s book market is grappling with Flash drive widgets which in principle should be no better than adobe’s offer. However they are and that is one challenge. Associated with it is the one shoe fits all approach to A product (why on earth do i want a Kiko icon and facility that i can’t configure out)

  6. David Holland says:

    This is a terrific first version. Will a future edition support more robust printing capabilities such as page numbers and selective page printing?

  7. Kamali says:

    We are producing a series of ebooks. My primary concern is how to make Acrobat (or Adobe Digital Documents) secure.When I sell to a customer, I want only that customer to have rights to use it, preferably on one (max 2) computers, have them password protected with a unique password for each customer, and restrict the number of printable copies.Does the new version of Acrobat or ADE do this effectively? How easy is it to break available protection? I know its very easy to bypass security with Acrobat documents.Also..do you provide a tool for generating unique password for each copy of the ebook?Any answers you can provide would be MOST welcome.ThanksKamali

  8. Sivarajah says:

    I’ve bought ebooks using Digital Edition technology. I would like to print at leat 1 copy so that i do not need to lug my laptop around with me. How can i do this?

  9. Bonnie Wright says:

    How do I restore my digital editions libraries in Adobe 8 if I have a hard drive failure? Bonnie

  10. M says:

    Backups? Where is my eBook so I can back it up. Before I spend $100s on eBooks I would like to know that I’m not a risk of losing my investment.

  11. Rogert Münzberg says:

    Hi Peter,When will there be a complete SDK (Developer Kit) available for the ADE?If not, how do I develop Plug-Ins (New features) for the ADE?ThanksRog

  12. Thurmon Deloney says:

    Is there a fix for Mac OS X (>10.4.9)? I upgraded to CS3 Web Premium in May, and the Digital Edition software has killed access to all of my purchased and free files. Trying to access the files even now that I have upgraded to 10.5 results in a circular round of html links between the Adobe Digital Editions information and download pages. The one time the software began to load, it stopped working trying to load my library. I have an Intel MacBook.

  13. Denbigh says:

    I’m an end user for this product. It is diabolical, and user-unfriendly. You will not do an Acrobat Reader ‘conquer the world’ with ADE.I am a computer professional and I am fed up with ‘looping’ websites which do not work.For a company of Adobe’s standing to have a download site with a button that is self-referring is worse than miserable, it is unforgivable and unprofessional.

  14. michael sanfey says:

    in the last week I’ve bought two ebooks, one from diesel ebooks and one from ebooks.com and neither one opens in digital editions – why not?michael

  15. jr says:

    I am really dissatisfied with the book and reader and will not purchase any other e-books like this. If I can’t print to read my own copy, it isn’t useful to me. I can’t stand to read books on line.[Please keep in mind that print permissions are set by the publishers, not Adobe. — Peter]

  16. What are the tools to create ebooks for digital editions?Do they support other languages, such as Greek?

  17. Peter Sorotokin says:

    Lefteris,Tools – Adobe InDesign is one such tool, but a lot of content is generated directly from XML (e.g. using XSLT).We do not support all languages yet. Greek can be used as long as a font with Greek characters is included in the document.Peter

  18. Alli says:

    I recently downloaded ADE 1.5 on my laptop. I have ADE on two computers, but when I tried to open borrowed books with the doanload, it said Error W_ADEPT_CORE_USER_CREDENTIALS_NOT_FOUND and underneath it says ‘no record for this loan is found on this machine’. I returned my books and downloaded other ones, but the problem persisted. I am thus, hesitant to download it on my other computer.

  19. Brittany says:

    hi, i have two questions. first i’ve been having trouble with ADE for awhile now, my books getting deleted or not being able to download new ones and things like that. each time that happened i discovered i was using a newer version so i switched back to an older version and that ironed out all the kinks. however, when this last edition came out it was mandatory that you download it. my problem now is that a third of my books are untitled (i have no idea why) and therefore they all have the same picture now. so i have to click on each one individually to find out which book it actually is. (1/3 are untitled and another 1/3 are titled with microsoft.) but the way the books are displayed are a real pain. what should i do? or is there anyway to switch back to the older version, i liked that one.and my second question is that I’m thinking about buying an iPod iTouch and i read that you can put PDF files on it which is all well and good but is there a way to put the secure adobe ebooks on it? or can i download digital edition to my iTouch?? thank you for all your help.

  20. Salem says:

    The fact that I purchased ~$200 worth of e-books for my university semester, and CANNOT copy and paste even FORMULA’S from Financial books makes me sick.Will new print books come out with technologies to prevent photocopying?Highly dissapointing, and probably not worth the save in money from buying a print book. Additionally, most of the difference between buying the e-text book and print book is the time necessary to resell the book through a third party…nearly zero difference.

  21. Peter Sorotokin says:

    Salem,Please understand that copy and print permissions as well as price are set by the publishers, not Adobe.

  22. Kas says:

    I have but a small question… Is there a flash player that will work on my iPod touch?

  23. Gary says:

    Like some other posters above, I bought an ADE ebook.Why would I buy a book that I can’t take with me, without taking my laptop too??? I can’t print or put it on my Windows smartphone? I am a technically savvy fella, but I trusted Adobe and didn’t do my research because I expected Adobe to provide a reasonable product.I was wrong and I’m disatisfied.ADE takes advantage of Adobe’s market reputation as a semi-secure, free, non-propietary tool. Released is a very restrictive, unfriendly product that will be a useless investment to some that buy it expecting it to “work as they always have”.Adobe is placing research obligation back onto the user, concerning their products, which means breach of trust. Tech companies directing consumer markets away from ubiquity, towards proprietary limitations, market controls and cost models for media and services are certainly not on the side of their clients anymore.A book is a book and I will pay for that as I have. Don’t as a distributor screw us in the process.

  24. Russell Westbrook says:

    Like some others, I purchased a digital textbook for some coursework, and I am using ADE to read it.There are definitely some issues with this product that I believe the quality conscious people at Adobe should work on.Printing – My book clearly lists the following permissions:Allow viewing: on this computer Allow copying: not allowedAllow printing: on any deviceHowever, when I attempt to print (even just 1 or two pages from the book) the software crashes every time. This is the only software on my computer that does this, so it’s not a problem with my printer software. Word, Excel, Adobe PDF’s all print just fine.Clumsy Viewing Interface:Not what I expected from Adobe. Scrolling can only be done vertically. After zooming to get a good reading view, you cannot scroll horizontally, only vertically.I’m still working with it but these are the two most glaring improvements needed that I can see from the start.