Named Activation Coming in Digital Editions 1.5

“Named Activation” coming soon to Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe wants your eBook experience to be as easy and seamless as possible. Naturally, this includes protecting your investment in eBooks from being lost or damaged. This is one of the key reasons why the upcoming release of Digital Editions 1.5 will feature “Named Activation.”

Some users have eBooks and other digital publications on their computers that have been licensed with Acrobat, Reader or Digital Editions using “Easy Activation.” These items cannot be moved to a new computer, essentially becoming locked on a particular machine. To solve this problem, Adobe Digital Editions 1.5 will convert items to a “Named Activation” license, enabling them to be backed up, copied and read on other computers. All items subsequently downloaded with Digital Editions 1.5 will be licensed using Named Activation. This change will also enable a new breed of mobile devices designed to be used with Digital Editions. However, note that your content will not be portable if the content distributor has specified a more restrictive setting, in which case you will need to re-acquire the content directly from them.

How will “Named Activation” work?

The first time you run Digital Editions 1.5, you’ll be prompted to activate the application by entering an Adobe ID. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, you’ll be provided with a link to get one. Then, when you purchase an item online or borrow one from the library with Digital Editions 1.5, the item will automatically be “tied” to your Adobe ID, rather than to your computer. This way, you’ll be free to move your items to other machines where Digital Editions has been activated with your Adobe ID.

What about the eBooks I already have?

Once you’ve entered your Adobe ID, Digital Editions 1.5 will look for eBooks already on your computer. It will first back up the items it finds, then convert copies of the items to a new “named activation” license.

IMPORTANT: Digital Editions 1.5 will convert eBooks that have been purchased or borrowed with Acrobat, Reader or earlier versions of Digital Editions. However, items that were licensed using Easy Activation can only be converted on the same computer with which they were originally purchased or borrowed. If you are contemplating buying a new machine, please consider keeping your old machine intact unless you bought all of your books with Acrobat or Reader using Named Activation.

Is Easy Activation still an option?

Adobe introduced the Easy Activation option in Acrobat and Reader 6.01 (and it was the only activation option previously supported in Digital Editions). This option made it easy for users to get started with eBooks, as users did not have to go online and get a Microsoft Passport or Adobe ID. The downside of this convenience is that the books could not be transferred to another machine or device.

Based on feedback from our customers, the Digital Editions team has decided that the benefits of content portability outweigh the inconvenience of the user ID and activation processes. So the next release of Digital Edition will use only Named Activation.

The Digital Editions team understands that some users may be uncomfortable at first with the need to obtain an Adobe ID and activate their machines. But we are convinced that everyone will quickly see the value of safeguarding their investment in eBooks. We’re working hard on this new release and look forward to sharing it with you soon.

For further info on this topic, please also see this post.

8 Responses to Named Activation Coming in Digital Editions 1.5

  1. DeveloperZero says:

    Now all that is needed is a way to convert the files so that they are more easily read on portable eBook readers such as the Sony Reader. It would be great if you offered some option or method of converting from DRM-encrypted pdfs to DRM-encrypted .lrf files (Sony’s eBook format).

  2. Hi Ric,Thanks for the update. Looks like we’ll be updating our support pages again soon!A couple of questions:* Can a Passport/Windows Live still be used for activation?* How many devices can be activated per ID?* Will it be possible for users to deactivate devices?

  3. Ric Wright says:

    DevZero:Well, you can imagine that wouldn’t be our solution of choice. Better would be to support the Sony Reader directly. As you may be aware, the current PDF support in the Sony Reader was written by the Digital Editions team. We cannot announce future plans, but let’s just say our team is very busy.

  4. Ric Wright says:

    Martin:- No, Passport is already deprecated by Microsoft themselves, so we will only be supporting Adobe ID. They are easy to get and non-intrusive.- The same as Reader 7, up to 6 computers and 6 devices.- Whether there is an explicit method to do so is still TBD. There will be a way to effectively do so, but I cannot explain in detail at this time. We have to strike a balance between user’s desire to activate and use their content on many machines and the publisher’s need to restrict the widespread dissemination of their IP without compensation.

  5. Robert says:

    Any idea when 1.5 will be released?

  6. guillaume says:

    Hi,Any idea when a french (or other language) version will be released?The use of adobe digital editions is already complicated when you do not speak english. Creating an Adobe ID will be even more!

  7. Josh Korn says:

    Rick:As far as you know, does the current SonyReader software allow you to download and read Digital Editions books purchased from, say, ebookmall? Sony mentioned something about working only with their own CONNECT site, but I find that difficult to believe…Josh

  8. arponto says:

    I have just purchased my first Sony reader. Now I cannot find instructions I can follow to download my books from Adobe Digital editions. Can you direct me to where I need to go to accomplish this transfer.