Digital Editions 1.5 Beta is Released!

Adobe is pleased to announce the release of the first Beta version of Digital Editions 1.5.

You can find it here:

The Beta is an opportunity for customers to test and provide feedback to Adobe on new features and compatibility with their digital publications.

The key feature of Digital Editions 1.5 is the addition of new DRM support that provides “content portability” across computers and devices that you authorize with your Adobe ID.
Note: You should be aware that this beta release includes an enhanced version of DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. If you plan on using Digital Editions for mission critical work, please consider using Digital Editions 1.0.

Key features of the enhanced DRM include:
– Conversion of user’s content to a “Named Authorization” license, enabling them to be backed up, copied and read on other computers or devices
– Authorization of end users’ DRM protected content with an Adobe ID
– Writing the secure license into the document
– Existing content is migrated to the new system and newly downloaded content is automatically converted when it is downloaded
– Content portability applies to both PDF and EPUB documents
– Resulting documents can be copied just like any other file
– Documents can be opened on any computer or device which has been authorized by the owner
– The number of machines that can be authorized is controlled by the amount set by the Authorization server (up to 6 computers and 6 devices)
– We have added functionality within Digital Editions 1.5 to support mobile devices. At this time we are working hard on rolling out support for the actual devices which work with Digital Editions, which should become available later this year.
– The number of machines on which a document can be viewed is limited by the number of authorized machines, unless the document has been limited to a single machine by the publisher

Note that authorization with an Adobe ID will not be required in the final release of 1.5, but is strongly recommended. If you do not authorize your computer, your content will, as in Digital Editions 1.0, be locked to the computer to which is was downloaded. This first Beta release does not actually offer the option to use the old-style “anonymous” mode of use, but the next Beta and the final release version will. But Adobe feels very strongly that all users will be best served by authorizing their computers. Adobe does not use the ID for any purpose other than providing the portability by identifying you and your books. The ID is not used for any other purpose, public or private.

Publishers and vendors should note that this release does not alter the fulfillment of ebooks so existing ecommerce workflows are not affected.

In addition to the DRM enhancement, this release of Digital Editions also
– Adds support for Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard)
– Fixes a bug in which double-byte (e.g. Asian, some European) users could not use Digital Editions
– Improved PDF support, including more complete support for the Adobe transparency model and support for named pages
– Page map support in EPUB so that there is a mapping between the reflowed screens and the paper copy of a book
– Adds support for multiple books per ETD fulfillment
– Miscellaneous user interface improvements and bug fixes

7 Responses to Digital Editions 1.5 Beta is Released!

  1. Hadrien says:

    Wrong link, you should update it. (Already fixed)Had an I/O error the first time I launched DE 1.5 although I removed DE 1.0 first.Tried a few files from Feedbooks and everything looked fine.Nice translation too, DE 1.5 automatically detected that I’m french 😉

  2. Mike Perry says:

    The download link is bad. This doubled link:””Should be:{This has already been fixed]That’ll get you to the download page.I took a pass on the install. To install, it wanted an Adobe ID, probably because I’ve not installed it before on this iMac. Which Adobe ID to use? Who knows? And if I enter the wrong one, will I be unable to access the Digital Editions files I have? Fortunately, there’s nothing there I need.I’m an author, editor and one-Mac publisher. I hate the hassles of DRM. I can’t see why anyone would want to buy an ebook with the limitations they impose. It’s like selling a book with a lock on it and a tiny, easily lost key. Lose the key and the book is worthless.I’d much rather see ebooks follow the path downloadable music is finally following. When purchased, encode the buyer’s name into the file, but do nothing else. For ordinary people, that’s protection enough. Committed thieves will find a way around any protection scheme anyway. And with a paid download, offer the right to download it again for free at a later date.

  3. Gwyn Evans says:

    The download link seems invalid – you might want to check it![Already fixed]

  4. Chris says:

    Good news: it now displays pages correctly under Wine.Bad news: it hangs on “Authorizing content…” 🙁

  5. Heather says:

    After I download it how do I access my content on a another computer?

  6. Martin says:

    Chinese is not well supported, e.g. when creating a new bookshelf, I can’t input Chinese in the input.Would you have the plan to fix bugs like this?Thank you!

  7. Has anyone tried the Page Map support in the Adobe Digital Editions stated as above?We tried, but the mime-type “application/oebps-page-map+xml” is not validating and the .ePub does not open up in the ADE.Any help on this is appreciated.Thank you!