InDesign EPUB Export and SWF behavior

By default, when you export a document or book from InDesign, each of the SWFs in the document will play as soon as the page is shown. While this might be nice for some documents you may actually want to change the default so that the files won’t play until they’re clicked.

When a SWF is exported to EPUB the swf-template.html file is used as a template for tagging the object. The current swf-template.html can be found in the scripts folder; look for ‘XHTML for Digital Editions/Resources/swf-template.html’The portion of that file that matters, is of course the snippet of html at the end:

<object data=”${swf}” width=”${width}” height=”${height}” />

You can change that file, and the changes will be picked up on the next export:Here’s what it would look like if you want to set the SWFs to play on click.

<object data=”${swf}” width=”${width}” height=”${height}”><param name=”play” value=”false” /></object>

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