EPUB Best Practices

We’ve created a Developer Center area for Digital Publishing. What does this mean? Well, it’s a lot of technical information around EPUB, Adobe Digital Editions, and ADEPT. Of particular interest today is also the “Best Practices” Guide. Those best practices will help publishers create EPUBs that work great across a whole spectrum of devices.

Anyway, the Best Practices, and lots of other useful information can be found over at the Developer Center:
Digital Publishing

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  1. This refers to the use of page map resource under Adobe Extensions for assigning a page number to a manifest item as the way it may appear in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). The proposed media type for it is application/oebps-page-map+xml. Id for the page map must be referenced by the spine element using page-map attribute.When we tried implement it and try open it in the ADE, it given an error which states that the media type is not recognized. Do you suggest any other media type to implement page maps in ADE? Any working sample/ examples will also help us produce and obtain page numbering as against the synthetic page maps synthesized automatically by ADE and which appear on the right side of the content in the reader.