Sony 505A Firmware Released!

Adobe is pleased to announce, in conjunction with Sony, that Adobe Digital
Editions now supports the Sony Reader 505. On July 24th, Sony posted
the firmware updater to their website. Now people owning the Sony 505
can upgrade their Sony 505 and use it with Digital Editions.

The updater is available here:

Be sure to get the full update. You need to upgrade your Sony EBook
Library (EBL) FIRST, then should automatically download and run the
updater for your 505. Doing the steps this way ensures that you have
the right drivers for Digital Editions and the Sony Reader to
communicates with. Once you have done this, Digital Editions will
automatically recognize the Sony Reader and it will appear as a new
bookshelf (or up to 3 if you have smart cards inserted) in your library.

You will need to authorize your Sony Reader in order to use it with
protected books that you have bought or borrowed online. Note that this
also means that you will need to authorize Digital Editions if you have
not already done so. Digital Editions will walk you through these steps
with a wizard.

Once you have authorized your Reader you can drag and drop books back
and forth between your PC and your Reader. You can even read books off
of your friend’s Reader (though you cannot transfer books from his
Reader to your PC or vice versa).

The full text of the Sony press release is here:

The new Sony Reader supports display of PDF in both normal and “reflowed” modes. In the reflowed modes, the reader takes the original content and reflows it at a larger font size. The result is surprisingly good. Most books such as novels reflow almost perfectly (though the odd word will be split or two words run together). But you will find that the more complex the content, the less satisfactory the result.

EPUB is also supported by the Sony Reader and there is lots of EPUB content appearing, both public domain like and elsewhere. Most of the major publishers have also promised to support EPUB and there is a lot of content in the pipeline.

This is an exciting time and we are looking forward to being part of it.

2 Responses to Sony 505A Firmware Released!

  1. Arochone says:

    So what’s the difference between an e-book reader and a really really dirt-cheap PDA that justifies the price difference, other than screen size? Battery life? It can’t be THAT Much better, can it? I mean, hell, you can get a cheapo PDA for $20. I’m sure displaying an entire book on a screen that size would be difficult, but it’s more than capable, has more features than this thing, and, my biggest point, is only 1/15th the price.

  2. Peter Sorotokin says:

    Here are advantages of Sony Reader:1. Screen is much much better: high resolution and reflective surface2. Battery life is also much better: the screen does not require any power to show book pages, only to flip them3. Sony Reader supports quite advanced features of EPUB format which would be out of reach for a dirt-cheap PDA (e.g. check out ePub at