Digital Editions 1.6 Released!

Adobe is pleased to announce that we today pushed live the newest version of Digital Editions, 1.6. You can get it here:

Or you will be automatically upgraded the next time you launch Digital Editions.

This version of DE does not appear much different on the surface. The real difference in this version is under the covers. Digital Editions 1.6 supports fulfillment from the new Adobe Content Server 4. You can read about Content Server here:

But what does fulfillment from Content Server mean to the end user, you might ask? The answer is that it provides ebook vendors with a modern, reliable system for protecting publishers books. This translates into more content from more publishers. Both in PDF and now in EPUB. Up to now, although publishers have been strongly voicing their support for EPUB, there hasn’t been a solution that would allow them to protect their books. The release of DE 1.6 and Content Server provides that solution. We are currently hard at work helping the publishers and ebook sellers to get their content ready for stores and libraries.

In addition, the new servers are much more reliable and bug-free than the old systems. This will mean more hassle-free downloads and less support issues. This won’t happen immediately as not all the ebook distributors will switch over right away. But it will steadily improve.

Now that the solution is ready it means there will be more content in more formats and more device support as well, such as the Sony Reader. The Digital Publishing team is working hard on supporting additional devices and will release them as soon as possible.

9 Responses to Digital Editions 1.6 Released!

  1. John Murphy says:


  2. jmurphy says:

    Does the new version support justified text?

  3. Peter Sorotokin says:

    Not yet, but we got the clue.

  4. Chris says:

    Yeah, everybody loves DRM… What about Linux?

  5. Can we manage page numbers in the new edition?We tried with page map resource under Adobe Extensions for assigning a page number to a manifest item as the way it may appear in ADE. The proposed media type for it is application/oebps-page-map+xml. Id for the page map was referenced by the spine element using page-map attribute. ADE gives error which states that the media type is not recognized. Help us produce and obtain page numbering as against the synthetic page maps synthesized automatically by ADE and which appear on the right side of the content in the reader.

  6. Once again, a mention of an issue pertaining authoring. ADE Library View and the Thumbnail Image appearing on the top-left on the navigation panel, always appear to have uneven white spaces around the cover image. What should be the best size for a cover image to use that it may appear full in the Library View?

  7. kyle foley says:

    why is that me and only four other people cannot download this. check out the forum. this edition doesn’t work plus it prevents you from using the old edition

  8. Now that Flash Player 10 is out with bidirectional lingual support, can you let us know if the next version of ADE will support bidirectional languages (e.g., Arabic)? And if so, when should we expect to see a public beta version?

  9. jmurphy says:

    …and now 1.7 is out, with justified text.