A tool to compliement epubcheck, “stylecheck”.

Recently I mentioned that I’m working on improving epubcheck, but then I was asked, “what about the items that don’t relate to validation, but really should be checked anyway?”

The issues at hand are things like the 300k file size limit on content files, 10MB limit on images, and complexity issues with CSS.

The solution is a tool tentatively called “stylecheck” that would run much like the epubcheck tool, but would look for issues that are important to the reading systems, but are not necessarily issues of conformance.

An initial release of the tool alert the user to problems if it found:
* 300k or bigger chapter files.
* 10MB or larger images.
* CSS stylesheet with more than some number of styles (150?)

I could see other uses for the tool, checks to make sure that the package for a NIMAS submission has DTBook content rather than XHTML, or checks to make sure the publisher information in metadata is in the approved format. However the first step will be to create the tool and get the basic checks working.

Which is a work underway, and you should see something relatively soon on the epubcheck project pages.

4 Responses to A tool to compliement epubcheck, “stylecheck”.

  1. Dave Cramer says:

    Would this also check that the CSS itself is valid?Dave CramerTexTech, Inc.

  2. Paul Norton says:

    Yes, I think it would, eventually. Unfortunately CSS is not as easily validated as an XML vocabulary, and currently that’s a hangup for the tools.

  3. Regarding CSS validation, you might consider embedding the W3C’s excellent validator (http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/DOWNLOAD.html)

  4. Paul Norton says:

    Thanks for the pointer Marc. It does look like the W3C validator would be just the thing to use.