ePubPreflight version 0.1.0 (was “stylecheck”)

There’s a new tool for checking ePub files. The tool does not do validation, that is the role of the epubcheck tool. The epubpreflight tool is intended to check the things that are not mentioned in the EPUB spec, but that could be issues in one environment or another.

ePubPreflight can be found in the epubcheck downloads.

If you’d like to discuss the tool, head on over to the epubcheck discussion area

I’ll be updating the project pages with instructions on how to use the ePubPreflight, but it’s just like using epubcheck. (Run at a command line, and use ‘java -jar epubpreflight-0.1.0.jar myEPub.epub’.)

The things that epubpreflight currently gives errors for, are:* Content files that are empty.* Content files that are over 300KB.* Image files that are empty.* Image files that are over 10MB.It doesn’t yet check the stylesheets.I’d like to see this tool grow into something that does cover more. I’d like to see it have a configuration file that specifies what set of tests it would run and I’d like to see a set of targets (ADE, PRS505, conversion to other formats, etc.), but for now I’m trying to get the very minimal set of preflight checks into the tool.

One Response to ePubPreflight version 0.1.0 (was “stylecheck”)

  1. Kovid Goyal says:

    I suggest integrating it into epubcheck with a –preflight option.