Taking epubcheck (epub validtation tool) forward.

The epubcheck is a validation tool for ePub documents. It should determine whether the ePub under inspection conforms to the rules laid out in the IDPF specifications. In many circumstances it does just that, but it’s not always clear what’s happening, and sometimes the tool out and out fails. Of course the community is working to bring the tool forward and make it better.

Here I will give an outline of current and ongoing changes that I’m planning to make. Of course I would also like to put out a call for additional contribution/involvement in the process. There’s plenty of room for more people to contribute, whether it be in the form of development, testing, review, or documentation. Anyone looking to get involved should head on over to the discussion group.

So here’s the current changes I’ve added, and things I’ll be working on:

If you look in the download section of the project page you’ll find that there’s a 1.0.2 version. Changes to the 1.0.2 version include:* Clear labeling of warnings and errors.* An external DTD now causes the tool to issue a warning (was a fatal error.)* Version number is always reported.Upcoming changes:* User documentation, including an outline of what the tool looks for/doesn’t look for.* Release notes.* Additional bug fixes.* Expand the “Report” from 2 categories to 5 (Fatal, Error, Warning, Informational, Debug)Areas for discussion and opportunities for contribution:* A test framework for running unit tests and smoke tests.* Simple test files for smoke tests.* Issue reports for current problems.Of course this is all just from my perspective, to really track what’s going on and to participate in the discussion, head on over to the discussion pages.

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