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Options for creating the package file on a Mac

So, when I need to create an epub by hand, I’ll put everything I need in a folder, and then use the Terminal & zip it up by hand.

Like so:

  1. Navigate to the folder.
  2. zip -Xr9D book.epub mimetype *

Ok, so I realize not every one is comfortable working at the command line.

That’s where MakePackage.scpt comes in. It’s an Applescript script that will take a folder and turn it into an EPUB. It expects the folder to be the same layout as the EPUB should be. So, just as if you had renamed a file to .zip and then extracted the contents.

Anyway, it’s here if you find it useful, if not, there’s always the command line.

InDesign Secrets

Seems is starting to cover EPUB and InDesign.

Awesome. Seems there’s a real need for EPUB information for designers, publishers, and authors. Maybe this will help fill that need.

Digital Editions 1.7 Released!

We’ve released Digital Editions 1.7:

Adobe has updated its popular Digital Editions software, a lightweight, rich Internet application for reading, acquiring, and organizing digital books and other publications. Digital Editions 1.7 greatly expands language support.

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