Digital Editions 1.7 Released!

We’ve released Digital Editions 1.7:

Adobe has updated its popular Digital Editions software, a lightweight, rich Internet application for reading, acquiring, and organizing digital books and other publications. Digital Editions 1.7 greatly expands language support.

In addition to the current support for English, German and French, Digital Editions 1.7 supports Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. For publishers seeking to include special roman characters in their publications, we highly recommend embedding fonts in your digital publications. Version 1.7 also provides for a standalone installer option which can be used to install Digital Editions in networked environments including corporate, educational and other locations that require administrative installations of the software. The expanded language and installer support in Digital Editions 1.7 enables Adobe Content Server 4 customers to protect and fulfill both PDF and EPUB files to users who want to purchase or borrow content in the above languages and also to users who use Digital Editions in networked environments.

I think it’s worth mentioning that you may see a small change in behavior for files exported from InDesign CS3 and InDesign CS4. Digital Editions 1.7 supports justified text. If your books in InDesign have justified text you should now see them justified in Digital Editions.For other authoring applications, supporting justified text is a matter of using the text-align property:

p {text-align:justify}