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EPUB generation library written in Java

It’s come to my attention that I didn’t really give EPUBGen a proper introduction, and so there’s been some confusion about the project.

EPUBGen project

EPUBGen is a Java library that demonstrates EPUB generation from a variety of document formats, and which may be a useful starting point or reference code for other EPUB generation needs. That is to say, it’s an effort to promote the development of a variety of tools and workflows.

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Font obfuscation code, available for review

I realize this blog might have a diverse readership so I’ll warn those of you who aren’t developers, that this particular blog post probably isn’t for you.

Unless you find reading Java code interesting, you can probably skip this article.

I’ve implemented the IDPF font obfuscation algorithm which is recommended here. The font obfuscation code can be found in the EPUBGen project, and so you can take and review, and use the code. In this article, I’m going to highlight just the portions of that project that are related to embedding and obfuscating the font information. (The project also has font subsetting and other features which I will not cover.)

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InDesign 6.0.2 and EPUB export

There’s a new update to InDesign CS4. Version 6.0.2. The update fixes lots of other stuff, so you may want to look at the release notes to see what’s fixed that is not related to the EPUB export, I’m only going to talk about the EPUB plug-in.

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