EPUB generation library written in Java

It’s come to my attention that I didn’t really give EPUBGen a proper introduction, and so there’s been some confusion about the project.

EPUBGen project

EPUBGen is a Java library that demonstrates EPUB generation from a variety of document formats, and which may be a useful starting point or reference code for other EPUB generation needs. That is to say, it’s an effort to promote the development of a variety of tools and workflows.

EPUBGen has both a set of back-end code generation modules and front end format importer modules. The back-end modules generate EPUB and illustrate more advanced functionality, including font subset embedding with obfuscation. The front-end modules are experimental and incomplete at this time. There are sample Java applications are provided that illustrate the conversion of respective file types (rt2epub, word2epub, fb2epub). There’s a build script and available jar file for the ‘rtf2epub’ project.

This project is being provided to the development community to build on, and so contribution and derivative works, within the scope of the BSD license are invited.


This project is really part of our efforts to support the community effort around EPUB, and as such is hosted with other tools for generating and working with EPUB documents.

The project is hosted with epub-tools.
You can find the source code via subversion.
For rtf2epub there is an entry in the downloads

A quick look at the packages.

Without going into too much detail, here’s a list of the top level packages (by which the project is organized) and a short description of each:


This is where you’ll find EPUB related functionality, including handling of OPF, OPS, NCX, and CSS generation.


This has most of the font management code (although Font Subsetting is actually found in com.adobe.epub).

com.adobe.conv.rtf2epub, com.adobe.conv.word2epub, com.adobe.fb2

These are the front-end modules, they’ll each have a main entry point and conversion code for reading and parsing through the source format.


Functionality used by both rtf2epub and word2epub.

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