It’s a mad, mad, multichannel world

You must be mad to be a digital marketer. Just look at what’s going on with the consumer journey: it’s a tangled maze of channels and devices. But cheer up; it’s only going to get worse! New digital channels and devices will make the consumer journey – and your ability to deliver a consistent, relevant and engaging experience – even more complex.

It is genuinely difficult to manage content across your web, social and mobile apps and properties (in multiple regions, no less). It gets even harder to deliver that content across different devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. To make matters worse, consumers’ attention spans are shrinking, so you’ve got less time than ever to engage the consumer. Oh, and the half life of content is shrinking, which means you have to create or source more content more frequently to keep things interesting.

Quick recap: consumers need more and more content that you need to seamlessly deliver across a growing number of channels and devices and do so in real time. Yes, you indeed must be mad to be a digital marketer.

Fortunately, content management is growing up and making this nightmarish job a manageable reality. In fact, many European companies in numerous industries are re-platforming their content management system (CMS) to keep up. London-based Investec provides a seamless experience across its global websites using Adobe Experience Manager, and doubled their site traffic in the process (read about that here). If you are attending Adobe Summit: The Digital Marketing Conference, next week in London, you’ll hear from several companies that have recently re-platformed to meet the challenges of the increasingly complex customer journey.  These companies include:

  • Shawn Burns, Global Vice President, Digital Marketing, SAP, who will discuss how companies are connecting to customers by building brand engagement through personalized content and experiences (How to stand out: Survival of the most relevant, April 24th at 14:00, session #24202)
  • Stevin Treurniet, Senior Marketing Consultant, DSM, who will discuss insights learned as DSM re-platformed to deliver rich, engaging content to audiences across devices worldwide (The marketer’s guide to solutions for building brands online, April 2th at 11:40, session #25205).

Lastly, leading independent research firm Forrester recently issued “The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management For Digital Customer Experience, Q2 2013” report. (You can click on the hyperlink above for a free copy of the report), which stresses the importance for companies to move beyond using CMS as a means to simply manage content and strategically utilize it to create digital experiences.  Think of this as CMS 2.0. They evaluated 10 web content management systems in light of this new challenge using 100 criteria and named Adobe the leader. However, we are still in the beginning stages of companies re-platforming so they can indeed use content management to better connect with customers.

We are excited to help companies navigate their way through the tangled mess and mire of delivering more content across more channels and devices and doing so in milliseconds. It may seem a herculean task, but really the explosion in digital content, channels and devices is an incredible opportunity for marketers. If we get this right, our customers will love us. If we get this wrong, our customers will quickly find more user friendly, relevant alternatives.

It may be a mad world we live in as digital marketers, but it certainly isn’t boring!

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