The switch is on: Google AdWords moves to Enhanced Campaigns

Today marketers will see one of the most fundamental changes to paid search advertising since the introduction of AdSense. Google AdWords moves over to the Enhanced Campaigns format, completely overhauling how advertisers target searchers based on their device, location and time.

Before, you could have separate campaigns to target searchers on mobile, tablet or desktop devices, with different bids, ad copy and landing pages.

However, the new format means one campaign targets all device types by default. Traffic from desktops and tablets are now treated the same: bids, ad copy and landing pages. Adobe’s Digital Index has consistently seen tablets surge as a proportion of traffic and bookings to ecommerce sites, but there are still challenges finding the same value of transactions from non-desktop devices.

Marketers still have some control over mobile traffic though. Mobile bid modifiers allow you to alter your mobile bids to a multiple of your desktop bid: between -100% (i.e. set mobile bids to zero) and +300%. Bid modifiers can be set at campaign and ad group level. Although Google makes recommendations for these modifiers based on similar advertisers, you’ll want to carefully evaluate them based on your own conversion levels on mobile.

You can also set preferred alternatives for mobile optimised ad copy and sitelink extensions, though Google doesn’t guarantee they will always be used.

Bid modifiers are also used for locations and time. Perhaps you’ll want to increase your bids if a searcher is in a part of the country where your brand is stronger. Or reduce your bids after a cut off time for next day delivery.

Enhanced Campaigns are yet another sign that we’re living in a multi-screen world. Campaigns now need to work across multiple platforms and these changes will help marketers get the most out of their ad budgets. A user looking for shoes on a tablet while at home likely wants to order online, not find a store nearby. Users on the go want to find local and relevant businesses for their needs and are likely not looking for online shops.

Adobe Media Optimizer was first to market with Enhanced Campaigns so marketers don’t have to worry about waiting to use the latest features.

We’ve got a free guide to the migration process and optimisation best practice for Google Enhanced Campaigns; you can get it here: Adobe Migration Guide for Google Enhanced Campaigns.

For more on the changes, check out this video from Google explaining the benefits of the new Enhanced Campaigns:

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