Adobe & Neolane: Under the Hood

When Adobe announced its intent to acquire Paris-based Neolane in June, Gleanster Research analyst Ian Michaels wrote, “… it’s really what’s under the hood that counts, and Adobe just bought a Ferrari.” This week, we finally brought our Ferrari home. Welcome Neolane!

Adobe has done a great job building a world-class Marketing Cloud platform with our five solutions: Analytics, Target, Social, Experience Manager, and Media Optimizer—but we understood that marketers needed something more. They needed help delivering highly personal experiences across any channel and device within milliseconds. They needed help answering their CEO when asked, “How is our marketing budget paying off?” In addition, they needed help managing the sophisticated automation and execution of thousands of campaigns a year across web, email, social, mobile, call center, direct mail, point of sale (POS), and other emerging channels.

Enter Neolane, with one, unified cross-channel campaign management tool to the rescue.

As our sixth Marketing Cloud solution, Neolane technology will become an integrated part of all other solutions, aggregating data from the other five and making it actionable across any channel. We believe this creates the most powerful Marketing Cloud in the industry for delivering rich, personalized experiences to consumers across channels and devices, and in giving one unified view to marketers—not to mention more answers around highly measurable marketing returns. Many customers already rely on both Adobe and Neolane, and I look forward enabling them to further benefit from our united technologies.

In recent weeks, I’ve had opportunity to know the Neolane founders and EMEA team a bit better, and I can honestly say that we couldn’t have chosen a better group of humans to do business with. Adobe has strong start-up roots, with a long history of combining organic innovation with key acquisitions to deliver the most robust set of solutions for digital marketers today. We’ve been at this a long time, beginning with Omniture in 2009 and followed by Day Software in 2010, Demdex and Auditude in 2011, and Efficient Frontier in 2012. And with each acquisition, our focus on integrating both technology and culture alike into Adobe’s family is key to the long-term success and richness of our customer offerings. There is considerable synergy with Neolane, and I look forward to helping build impact for our customers with the EMEA and global teams.

Adobe’s SVP and GM of Digital Marketing, Brad Rencher, shared some great thoughts on this Neolane acquisition from Adobe’s own partners and customers. Be sure to check them out.

I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished thus far, and look forward to providing more updates on our Digital Marketing plans, challenges and successes in the months to come. Stay tuned. @mrzablan


A digital media, digital marketing, and analytics strategist, Mark is president of Adobe EMEA and resides in the UK with his wife and two children. When he’s not in the office, he fanatically tracks EPL, NFL, ATP and PGA events.

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