Mobile Holiday Shopping Skyrocketing Across Europe

This year, the Adobe® Digital Index 2013 Online Shopping Forecast hinged a bet that online sales this Thanksgiving would be almost on par with Black Friday—suggesting that in the next five years Black Friday may actually fall behind.

Much of this movement in the U.S. is due to the obvious rise of smartphones and tablets in daily lives—meaning more Americans are sitting on the couch after the big meal with their devices getting a head start on Black Friday sales.

In the UK and Europe, e-commerce is on the rise and Christmas shoppers everywhere are browsing off the rack and onto their devices. Are you still skeptical of kicking off a mobile strategy? If the numbers below don’t speak for themselves, consider benefits such as standing out from—or at least keeping up with—your competition,  utilising mobile to showcase last-minute deals, staying top-of-mind for holiday shoppers on the go, and increasing brand experience via a cool mobile app to name a few. And with easy new tools such as Adobe Edge Reflow and PhoneGap—building a responsive Web design, engaging app or better experience across any screen is simpler than ever.


Online Holiday Sales - Mobile


Nearly One-Quarter of UK Holiday Sales Expected to be Mobile; Austria Leads Europe in Smartphone Growth

More specifically, in the UK alone, Adobe forecasts tablet and smartphone use this month to be up 44% and 65%, respectively, compared to last December, with a whopping 20% of online holiday sales expected to come from mobile.

Neighbors in the Nordics will look to shop via smartphone 51% more this Christmas and 48% more via tablet, while in Austria we’re expecting an impressive 126% and 133% growth in tablet and smartphone shopping. In Germany and the Netherlands, tablet growth is projected at 56% and 60% respectively, while growth of smartphones is expected to hit 87% and 92%, respectively, this December. Finally in France, smartphone usage may be up 98% this Christmas while tablet shopping should rise by 82%.

In most countries, tablet growth isn’t quite yet as prominent as the raging use of smartphones to close on holiday sales, but we expect this trend too will change as mobile devices continue to impact our lives.

So don’t pick out that new smartphone just yet for Christmas—your old one is still good for something.


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