Take ‘The Great Marketing Measure’ and Test Your Creative or Analytical Mind

As marketers, we’re accustomed to constantly analysing thought processes—whether they are connected to a campaign strategy, consumer behaviours, business results, or our own marketing minds.

At Adobe, we’re passionate about enabling marketers to thrive in the digital age. And as part of this mission, we are today launching The Great Marketing Measure, a bespoke, accredited psychometric test for marketers to assess how analytically or creatively minded you are—as well as your flexibility to switch between the two.


The brief, entertaining Great Marketing Measure will strategically assess you as one of the following:

The Data Cruncher: As a Data Cruncher, you look before you leap. Rather than plucking ideas out of thin air or postulating the possible, you make every decision based on tangible facts and figures. You see marketing is seen as a science, to be planned strategically using existing, empirical evidence. Data Crunchers value practicality over creativity. Your marketing solutions are backed up by proven historical information that predicts commercial results.

The Pragmatist: As a Pragmatist, you take a tried and tested approach to marketing. Although you don’t necessarily need data to back up your decisions, you are still methodical and take care to learn from your own previous experiences. Although you are free-thinking enough for your ideas not to be anchored by research, as a Pragmatist you still do not put your creative head in the clouds: you stand by your need for a practical, logical argument to explain your thinking. 

The All Rounder: As an All Rounder, you relish brainstorming—taking a blank canvas and filling it with new and exciting ideas—but not in a free-for-all, whimsical way. Every concept must still be commercially viable and appropriate for its audience. Risks are worth taking, but only if they’re calculated. For All Rounders, the “10% inspiration, 90% perspiration” maxim holds true: you enjoy burying your head in market analysis as much as shaping new creative approaches. In fact, one always informs the other.

The Free Spirit: For Free Spirits, everything is possible. And if it isn’t possible, it’s only because it hasn’t been thought of yet. As a Free Spirit, you favour experience over evidence. You make decisions based on what intuitively feels right for your audience, rather than relying on hard facts and figures. And you’re happy to evolve these decisions over time as your surrounding environment changes. As a result, you mould creative ideas for the here and now, and improvise to adapt as required.

And this isn’t just a test! The Great Marketing Measure will also provide toolkits to equip you with more guidance on thriving as a marketer in this digital world of fast-paced innovation and change.

Even with a background in both finance and marketing, I was surprised to see that after taking my own assessment, I am measured as a Free Spirit. And now that I better understand my strength as a digital marketer, I am encouraged to more clearly determine how to address and build upon my weaknesses, or share experiences and challenges with other Free Spirit marketers who may be on a similar journey. The Great Marketing measure allows all who take the assessment to share results and compare across social communities.

I encourage all marketers to take a few moments and complete The Great Marketing Measure. Are you attending Adobe Summit? We’ll also be discussing the results of the assessment throughout the event, and plan to share details by geography, role and industry to those at hand.

Here’s to the digital marketing journey and improving our minds—we’re all in this together!

Vice president of EMEA marketing @Adobe. From Australia, now in London; passionate about digital marketing. In spare time: architecture, travel & family.

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