Mobile Innovation and iBeacon at Adobe Summit EMEA 2014

Screenshot of Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 iOS app

Screenshot of Adobe Summit EMEA 2014 iOS app

The launch of the Adobe EMEA Summit 2014 iOS App in the iTunes and Google Play stores, gives me the chance to highlight one of the really exciting personalisation capabilities that we’re making use of this year – iBeacon. As attendees move about the Summit event site, they will trigger relevant, personalised messages based on the luminaries that are presenting in the keynote sessions or the content of the breakout that they’re about to see, and all of this will be done using Apple’s iBeacon technology and Mobile Services for the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

As consumers of products and content, we expect to be able to research or purchase items wherever we are, or consume high quality written and video content whenever we like on out tablets and smartphones. We’re getting used to mobile technology and the mobile channel pushing the pace of the customer experience. We also expect that brands will quickly adopt the new and innovative ways of engaging that mobile devices increasingly bring us. That’s why it’s surprising to me that we haven’t seen more European companies roll out iBeacon support more rapidly in order to take advantage of this new way of enhancing the experience for consumers.

Last month the Dutch theme park Fluwel’s Tulpenland (Tulip Land) started using iBeacon to provide context-specific information on each park section as visitors come within a certain proximity of beacons, and those of us lucky enough to live in Chelmsford in the UK have been able to take part in a Tesco trial of iBeacons in it’s local store, but considering that iBeacons was announced as part of iOS7 at Apple’s WWDC event in June 2013, and made official with the release of iOS7 on September 18th 2013, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more use made of it already. It might be that organisations are working out the best ways to deploy them, or cautious due to perceived issues of privacy, but I thought we’d have heard more noise about them by now, since they are essentially an extension of the already available Location Services.

I’m pleased to say that we’re making a noise about our use of iBeacons at Adobe EMEA Summit 2014 and we’ll have a number of beacons deployed around the event space, so make sure that you enable Location Services and Bluetooth while you’re in attendance. To learn more about how we implemented the iBeacon functionality in the app, you should attend the session The new mobile experience: personalisation, targeting, push, hyper-localisation, analytics and a whole lot more” with our Mobile Solutions Product Mangaer, Roger Woods and we’ll also have a great session in the Personalisation & Optimisation track called Location, location, location! Effective mobile targeting in an app-centric world” where our Mobile Services expert Ray Pun will be leading a panel discussion on the use of location technologies in mobile apps, and sharing some examples of organisations in North America that have already started taking advantage of this type of technology.


Example message received based on iBeacons

So don’t be afraid of iBeacons, or Gimbal or datzing if you’re on Android, see them in action at Adobe Summit EMEA 2014, take part in the discussions and learn how you can start to take advantage of the new capabilities they provide you for communicating with your customers. And if you’re not already registered for Adobe Summit EMEA 2014, registration is now closed but you can still be part of Summit Live:

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