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Refresh for Facebook’s Right Hand Side Ads

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‘What is the objective of this campaign?’ should be where every Facebook advertiser should begin. This has been the core question that has fuelled Facebook in its simplification process of their ad format offering since they announced it back in

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Tapping into the world of Facebook Lookalike Audiences

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Facebook lookalike audiences have proven to be a very efficient way to get additional volume for your Facebook campaigns, while making sure that you are targeting audiences which are similar to your existing user base. Introduced in March 2013, Custom

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Using Facebook Custom Audiences to find the right audience

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Used by over 90% of businesses, there is no doubt that email is still one of the most popular channels with marketers. That said, as social networks, instant messaging and in app push notifications become more important, the increasing amount

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Work your Digital Advertising with the Power of Data

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Us Yesterday we took a digital advertising trip on the #DigitalJourney with our Adobe Media Optimizer breakfast in London. Our very own Jonathan Beeston, Ryan Price and Russell Smith provided insight into how marketers can use their data to make

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Facebook Ads: Top 5 creative ways to achieve higher CTR

5 creative ways to increase CTR

The presence of people, choice of background colours and even product angling all contribute to the effectiveness of your Facebook ads, according to our latest research. We analysed over 1,700 Facebook ad images used by advertisers from across Europe, the

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