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Digital Advertising at Adobe Summit: Social Media

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Social media is on the ascendancy, but marketers are still struggling to understand the value and the role that the channel plays in their wider efforts. Social advertising is also becoming more important, as social networks start to lean towards

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Online Shoppers Turning To Mobile, Social During The Christmas Season


To gain more insight into online consumer shopping behavior, Adobe surveyed 1,200 people who plan to Christmas shop online in the UK, Germany and France (400 shoppers in each country) as part of the Adobe 2013 Holiday Retail Survey. And

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Facebook Ads: Top 5 creative ways to achieve higher CTR

5 creative ways to increase CTR

The presence of people, choice of background colours and even product angling all contribute to the effectiveness of your Facebook ads, according to our latest research. We analysed over 1,700 Facebook ad images used by advertisers from across Europe, the

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Twitter’s new ads experiment: cookies and CRM


Twitter is currently testing an exciting development in Twitter ads in the US – the ability to target ads with cookies and CRM data. Marketers already use this feature on Facebook, Google, Amazon and many other websites, but this is

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What do you actually want from social media? Figure it out with the “Like-Cycle”

Like cycle

Social media is still a young industry, says Jeremy Waite, Adobe’s head of social strategy for EMEA. He’s right. A few years ago many of us were only dabbling with MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. Now we have even more social

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Is Social Media Becoming the Cocktail Party from Hell?

Two weeks ago an interesting opinion piece in the NY Times by Maureen Dowd suggested that “social media has become the cocktail party from hell… with the flood of information jeopardizing meaning”. It caught my attention when I first read

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How To Plan A Successful Social Media Campaign

How To Plan A Successful Social Media Campaign

It’s surprising how complicated many people make social media campaign planning. The most successful campaigns are usually the most simple, and they often follow the same pattern. Einstein once said that “things should be made simpler but not simple”. I’ve

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Prove it: how brands are turning social buzz into actionable insights

Hear how Fiat & ABN AMRO turn social media buzz into actionable insights

Listening to and engaging with the marketplace are just a few of the ways brands are taking advantage of the always-on and connected nature of social media. According to ABN Amro’s Gerard Lindeboom, “The customer owns social… we just have

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“Just because you’re a Social Media Strategist, doesn’t mean you’re any good at strategy…”

Customer-Based Brand Equity model (CBBE, Keller, 2002, & Kotler/Pfoertsch, 2006), modified by Pyramid

It’s been said that 85% of the people who work in social media have been in the industry for less than two years. I think it was LinkedIn who first suggested this, but it often explains why there is so

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