Using “big data” collected from Adobe Analytics, search marketers leveraging Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO) saw a lift in performance ranging from 7% to 25% lift (with an average of 16%).  This is on top of the current 20%+ performance boost AMO is delivering over other search management methods.

Based on a modeling process unique to AMO, engagement data related to keywords with low or no conversion activity, is leveraged by the AMO algorithms to produce more accurate predictive models which drive greater performance of keyword portfolios, or cross-channel portfolios with the same campaign objective.  Another strong result by using engagement data is a 15% increase of revenue producing keywords.

This process is possible due to the seamless bi-directional data flow between Adobe Analytics and AMO which uses data already captured and available.The success of this program shows that the integrations across the Adobe Marketing Cloud offers customers a significant advantage by linking real-time data with decisioning and optimization processes to drive more meaningful experiences for customers and ultimately stronger business results.

A few key takeaways:

  • 7-25% incremental lift to prior to AMO Optimization with an average of 16% [at a 95% confidence interval]
  • New analytics-driven optimization produced 15% more revenue producing keywords for enterprise customers
  • Resulting optimization is incremental to the current 20%+ ROI benefit of AMO
  • Updated, patent-pending algorithms use analytics engagement data to optimize digital advertising spend
  • Tools for marketers get more powerful including forecasts and simulations