Retail marketers are some of the most sophisticated advertisers on the planet and competition in the industry is tougher than ever. According to eMarketer, online retail spend was $262 billion in the US alone in 2013. There is a lot at stake and a retailer without a competitive advantage doesn’t stand a chance.

This is why Adobe Media Optimizer is now offering retailers the ability to align feed management with our proven campaign management solution to deliver the most comprehensive retail marketing solution in the market. Adobe offers this by partnering with two leading feed management solutions  Productsup and VersaFeed.

The DNA of a retail program is the product database, which drives the advertising campaigns. Typically, the merchant has separate relationships with a feed management and a campaign management partner – separate contacts, contracts and pricing. The situation often leads to higher costs due to separate reporting and variations.

“Partnering with robust feed management providers like Productsup and VersaFeed allows Adobe Media Optimizer to solve the common operational and tactical headaches that come with advertisers needing to partner with two separate entities for Product Ad management – overhead managing dual contracts, merging conflicting attribution frameworks and failing to optimize both the feed and the ad sides of the equation are all solved for with this new partner program. Adobe Media Optimizer has already proven itself to be the best bidding platform in the industry and this new closed loop Product Ad offering is something we’re very excited to offer our customers,” says Justin Merickel, senior director of Media Optimizer.

Now retailers have the ability to streamline their feed and campaign management across search, product ads, display and social ads (coming soon) with either of our partners.

“We are excited about the strategic partnership with Adobe’s Media Optimizer team,” says Markus Rottmaier, Productsup’s SVP global development and partnerships. “In this increasingly competitive landscape, our objective was always to take out the complexity of the topic of data feed management. With Adobe Media Optimizer and the platform, brands and retailers now get access to both campaign and feed management in order to utilize the full potential of data driven ad campaigns in one single contract and price. This joint product offering enables brands and retailers to manage and optimize their data driven ad formats (supported by product data feeds) in the most efficient and intuitive way.”

Competition is tough and retail marketers need every advantage. Adobe Media Optimizer can help meet those demands through the integration of granular engagement data from Adobe Analytics. This integration drives a significant lift in ROI and a unified feed management solution to streamline campaign creation and management with our partners.

“VersaFeed is tremendously excited to offer optimized product feeds with Adobe Media Optimizer’s bidding and campaign management tools. Merging these two technologies allows merchants to seamlessly deploy on Google Shopping and similar platforms with expert guidance and technology to ensure maximum visibility,” says John Kleven, VersaFeed CEO.

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