Classified ads are becoming increasingly more personal and relevant for renters searching for places to live on the websites operated by RentPath. The parent company of brands including and is managing and optimizing its digital ad campaigns across channels with remarkable results using Adobe Media Optimizer for Search, Display and Social.

So far, RentPath has decreased the cost per lead for its display ads by 80% while boosting its number of leads by 350%.


“We are thrilled with the gains supported by Adobe Media Optimizer for Search, Display and Social,” says RentPath’s head of digital. “The Adobe solution enabled us to increase our impression volume by 600%, far exceeding our expectations. Our display ad campaigns are now much more cost effective and drive more quality leads.”

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About Adobe Media Optimizer

Adobe Media Optimizer is the industry’s first fully integrated digital advertising platform that delivers cross-channel ad management and optimization across search, display and social media campaigns for peak return on investment. The solution delivers more than 300 million monthly prospects and customers and is used by more than 400 global customers across industries. Media Optimizer manages more than $2 billion in annualized ad spend.