It’s not easy making money from a service that is largely provided for free, but Avito has found a way to do it, with a little help from Adobe AdLens for Search.

Founded in 2008, is the largest classified ad website in Russia. People can sell cars, clothes, electronics, pets, and other items free. For a fee, small companies can sell their products and services. The company has also begun selling ad space.

Avito partnered with iConText, a search engine optimization consultant, to reduce its cost per acquisition while driving traffic to the right areas of the website. As a product within the Adobe Media Optimizer solution within Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe AdLens for Search helps monitor and forecast search engine marketing (SEM). iConText uses AdLens to fine tune contextual searches with keyword performance modeling. Instead of always paying top dollar for general search terms, Avito can use equally or more effective, but less expensive, popular terms.

“AdLens standardizes all the data and pulls together reports with the exact segmentation and tracking data that we want. Avito has precise SEM strategies and AdLens gives us the visibility and flexibility we need to make them work,” says Tim Putintsev, business development director at iConText. “With AdLens, we changed more than 600,000 bids in 30 days to optimize keyword spending, driving conversions up by 50% and cutting the average cost per order by 25%.”

Jonas Nordlander, Avito’s co-founder, says he hopes refined SEM will continue to expand awareness of both Avito and the value of online classified ads. Currently, more than 6 million new items are added every month by over 3 million users. Overall, in excess of 10 million people have already listed items for sale on Discover how Avito accomplished its goals by clicking here: