Vacation planning is much simpler for travelers with today’s technology. HeBS Digital stays on top of all the travel trends and offers its services as one of world’s premiere providers of digital marketing services and website design in the hospitality industry. HeBS Digital leverages Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions and the BrightEdge S3 SEO platform to drive success and online reservations for clients, such as Loews Hotels. Executive Vice President Jason Price of HeBS Digital says, “Using Adobe Digital Marketing Suite and BrightEdge S3 SEO, we help clients dive into their data to understand what it means and help them better strategize ways to engage new audiences, boost revenues, and continually optimize campaigns and websites.”

With Adobe Digital Marketing Suite and BrightEdge technology, Loews Hotel has a powerful platform where all of its web traffic, conversion, and keyword campaign analytics take place. In addition, Adobe solutions provide HeBS Digital marketers critical data that assists them in optimizing ad spend across campaigns—for Loews, this translated into increasing online conversion by an impressive 120% and keyword ROI by 44%. Online room reservations at Lowes Hotels have also risen by 63% since adopting Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions integrated with BrightEdge technology. To learn more about HeBS Digital and its use of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, click here: (