When Lenovo Australia wanted to increase returns on its digital marketing investments, it turned to Adobe Media Optimizer for Search, Display, and Social, and enlisted the help of consultants from Adobe Digital. By targeting its digital marketing spend across channels, Lenovo Australia achieved impressive results.

For example, in less than 60 days, Adobe solutions helped boost search engine marketing (SEM) revenues by 175% and conversions by 53%. Across all channels, the company’s cost per click (CPC) also dropped by 36%. And across social channels, ROI increased 30% while marketing costs dropped 40%.

Adobe Media Optimizer, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, provides an integrated ad management platform that offers insight, control, and automation for cross-channel campaigns. Using Adobe Media Optimizer, including Adobe SiteCatalyst, Lenovo Australia can capture data, analyze ad performance, and automatically modify strategies based on campaign elements yielding the highest returns.

Adobe Media Optimizer for Social helped quantify the success of social campaigns targeting students on Facebook. Lenovo “likes” on Facebook jumped from 8,000 to 20,000 in three months, traffic to Lenovo’s website increased, and the company’s return on ad spending rose by 500% and more.

“Adobe Media Optimizer for Social showed that our CPC on Facebook was much lower than for traditional display,” says Danielle Uskovic, Lenovo’s environment and social media manager for Australia and New Zealand. “As a result, Facebook allowed us to drive traffic to our site for half the cost—and at the same time, helped build our brand with a new audience.”

Adobe Digital continues to help Lenovo Australia measure and monitor search engine marketing, social media, and display advertising. The company’s initial success has also encouraged Lenovo Australia to continue investing in Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions and optimizing its digital strategies.

“Adobe Media Optimizer enables us to readily evaluate and improve how each channel is performing,” says Christopher Jowsey, Lenovo’s Senior Manager of Web Ecommerce for Australia and New Zealand. “With that information, we can fine-tune our channel mix and invest appropriately in each for the best possible ROAS.”

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