The Google Shop­ping Migra­tion is com­ing! Lucky for you, we’ve com­piled expert advice for mak­ing the tran­si­tion as smooth as possible.

The Ben­e­fits of Google Shopping

Shop­ping cam­paigns allow you to eas­ily browse and orga­nize your prod­uct inven­tory directly within AdWords. There are sev­eral key ben­e­fits to shop­ping campaigns:

  • Prod­uct Groups – The abil­ity to get crafty with how you orga­nize your inven­tory (by cat­e­gory, prod­uct type, brand, con­di­tion, item ID, and cus­tom labels).
  • Par­ti­tion Hier­ar­chy – The abil­ity to have a prod­uct hier­ar­chy in Google that resem­bles your catalog.
  • Cam­paign pri­or­ity – Pri­or­i­tize one prod­uct over another. For exam­ple, you can ensure prod­ucts that are part of a pro­mo­tion get higher pri­or­ity than the prod­ucts not on sale.
  • Access to com­pet­i­tive data – Impres­sion share and Bench­mark CTR data.
  • Bid­ding – Every All Prod­uct tar­get will now auto­mat­i­cally exclude prod­ucts you are directly targeting.

Set­ting Up a Killer Shop­ping Cam­paign: The Impor­tance of Cus­tom Labels

The Cus­tom Labels attribute, the most talked-about addi­tion to Google shop­ping cam­paigns, is sim­i­lar to the cur­rent AdWords Labels and AdWords Group­ing attrib­utes in PLAs that are now going away. Cus­tom label­ing allows greater flex­i­bil­ity in inte­grat­ing higher level strate­gies into your cam­paigns based on dif­fer­ent attrib­utes, like pric­ing, promo, cat­e­gories, etc. You can use 5 cus­tom columns to enable build­ing this, so think care­fully about your intended structure.

If you are unsure of the level of gran­u­lar­ity you want for your struc­ture, start with a higher level lay­out and build out from there. By start­ing with a higher level struc­ture, you now have the abil­ity to report at the indi­vid­ual prod­uct level. Let the data guide you toward new prod­uct groups and new lev­els of granularity.

Ready… Set…

Go! Get started by famil­iar­iz­ing your­self with your cur­rent prod­uct set – orga­ni­za­tion and all. The AMO prod­uct and bid opti­miza­tion will be ready to sup­port Google Shop­ping Cam­paigns in July. Begin to plan out your struc­ture now and you should be ready to make the tran­si­tion — and, of course, we’re always here to help along the way.