In the crowded mar­ket of buy­ing gold direct from con­sumers, Sigma Response Group became a leader across Europe by focus­ing its busi­ness online. But as the soar­ing price of gold brought com­peti­tors to the online mar­ket, the com­pany decided to raise the bar through improved and expanded mar­ket­ing cam­paigns man­aged by Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, includ­ing Adobe AdLens.

We needed a plat­form that could han­dle our tightly seg­mented cam­paigns,” says Pavel Spirin, head of online mar­ket­ing at Sigma Response Ser­vices Lim­ited (SRSL), the mar­ket­ing arm of Sigma Response Trad­ing LP Inc., which together form the Sigma Response Group. “Adobe AdLens is dif­fer­en­ti­ated by its port­fo­lio bid­ding approach, and that was com­pelling for us, espe­cially when we started look­ing at its abil­ity to run sim­u­la­tions and forecasts.”

Auto­mated bid man­age­ment takes over the bid­ding across many coun­tries, using pro­pri­etary algo­rithms to dis­trib­ute bud­gets and man­age cost per acqui­si­tion (CPA) goals. For SRSL’s team of search mar­ket­ing experts, this freed up about 70% of their time, enabling them to focus on other ways to opti­mize cam­paigns, includ­ing key­word man­age­ment, land­ing pages, and mar­ket­ing messages.

Using Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, SRSL now runs true mul­ti­chan­nel mar­ket­ing cam­paigns that include social media, seg­men­ta­tion on Face­book, and dis­play capa­bil­i­ties. With Adobe AdLens enabling a new method for suc­cess, SRSL was able to improve mar­ket­ing effi­ciency, increas­ing the bot­tom line from dig­i­tal by 15% and achiev­ing a 300% return on investment.

To cre­ate a pre­mium propo­si­tion in the mar­ket we need strong tech­nol­ogy behind mar­ket­ing intel­li­gence,” says Spirin. “Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud includ­ing Adobe AdLens has already shown itself to be a vital tool in the suc­cess of all our online mar­ket­ing efforts, so we’ll be using it both to keep our busi­ness strong and to help us iden­tify new ways to max­i­mize our return and tar­get customers.”

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