In the crowded market of buying gold direct from consumers, Sigma Response Group became a leader across Europe by focusing its business online. But as the soaring price of gold brought competitors to the online market, the company decided to raise the bar through improved and expanded marketing campaigns managed by Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe AdLens.

“We needed a platform that could handle our tightly segmented campaigns,” says Pavel Spirin, head of online marketing at Sigma Response Services Limited (SRSL), the marketing arm of Sigma Response Trading LP Inc., which together form the Sigma Response Group. “Adobe AdLens is differentiated by its portfolio bidding approach, and that was compelling for us, especially when we started looking at its ability to run simulations and forecasts.”

Automated bid management takes over the bidding across many countries, using proprietary algorithms to distribute budgets and manage cost per acquisition (CPA) goals. For SRSL’s team of search marketing experts, this freed up about 70% of their time, enabling them to focus on other ways to optimize campaigns, including keyword management, landing pages, and marketing messages.

Using Adobe Marketing Cloud, SRSL now runs true multichannel marketing campaigns that include social media, segmentation on Facebook, and display capabilities. With Adobe AdLens enabling a new method for success, SRSL was able to improve marketing efficiency, increasing the bottom line from digital by 15% and achieving a 300% return on investment.

“To create a premium proposition in the market we need strong technology behind marketing intelligence,” says Spirin. “Adobe Marketing Cloud including Adobe AdLens has already shown itself to be a vital tool in the success of all our online marketing efforts, so we’ll be using it both to keep our business strong and to help us identify new ways to maximize our return and target customers.”

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