It’s not just a great 80’s song from a great 80’s band with great 80’s hair.We use lists for all sorts of things on a day-to-day basis.Birthday Lists.To-do Lists. Gro­cery Lists.Even Jolly Ole St. Nick makes his list and checks it twice​.Is it any won­der that we do the same with our websites?What sorts of lists do you have on your site? Here are a few that you may have run across.

  • Prod­uct Lists
  • Wish Lists
  • Lists of Dis­play Ads
  • Lists of Search Refinements

All of these might be appro­pri­ate places to use a new piece of func­tion­al­ity in Site­Cat­a­lyst 15.Introducing: the long-anticipated List Var!

In your escapades with Site­Cat­a­lyst imple­men­ta­tions, you may have had the plea­sure of using a spe­cial kind of s.prop called a “list prop.”This is a vari­able where you can pass mul­ti­ple val­ues in a delim­ited list.The list is then processed so that each of the indi­vid­ual val­ues gets credit for that page view.

The List Var fol­lows the same con­cept except after the man­ner of an eVar​.In other words, the value will per­sist and you can apply Con­ver­sion met­rics to your reports.How cool is that?

Here are a few things you will need to know about List Vars.

  • You will need to update your Site­Cat­a­lyst code to H.23 or higher and you will need to use the ver­sion 15 interface.
  • You must deter­mine a sin­gle char­ac­ter to use as a delimiter.
  • You can select the Expi­ra­tion and Allo­ca­tion for the List Var.However, you only have the option for Lin­ear or Full Allocation.
  • There is no length limit on the full string, but there is a limit of 255 char­ac­ters for each delim­ited value.
  • There are three list vars avail­able for your use (list1, list2, and list3)

Let’s take a look at a con­crete example.Suppose we per­form a search on the site and add sev­eral refine­ments to the search.On the Refine­ments Results page we might pass a value into a List Var for Refine­ment Type with a comma delim­iter such as:


Then we select our prod­uct and make a pur­chase for $30.The rev­enue will be allo­cated in the Refine­ment Type report like so:

Brand — $30

Price — $30

Size — $30

Total — $30

Each value gets full credit for the sub­se­quent con­ver­sions, but the met­rics are de-duplicated in the total.

As you can see, List Vars bring excit­ing new pos­si­bil­i­ties to your Site­Cat­a­lyst implementations.What data points are you con­sid­er­ing using List Vars for?I’d love to hear about them in the com­ments section.

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Hi Adam,

We have an issue on Site Section Level 4 report, the Section 4 got cut because of prop limitation to 100 chars.


Correct Site Section Level 4 is: 

Products>Embedded Software and Tools>Freescale Freedom Development Platform>Freescale Freedom Development

But in the custom Site Section Level 4 report showed:

Products>Embedded Software and Tools>Freescale Freedom Development Platform>Freescale Freedom Develo

Can we use listVar to capture the site Section level (breadcrumb) instead of prop?


Tuyet Nguyen

Andrey Osadchuk
Andrey Osadchuk

That is a cool feature I was waiting for a long time. It is pitty it is available only in SC15