Unicredit is a company that continues to increase its investment in online marketing as they have continued to see results. In the past three years, UniCredit has quadrupled its investment in online marketing, because of the continued ROI its online strategies produce.

“We invest significantly and strategically in our websites and other online channels,” says Jonathan Elliott, head of web analytics at UniCredit. “The Adobe Online Marketing Suite helps us make the right online marketing investments, better understand our customers, deliver a consistent brand across our sites, and drive greater conversion.”

The Online Marketing Suite helped UniCredit grow acquisitions online by 60% year after year. The company has also experienced a 20% increase in leads by enhancing the online banking site’s exit page, and generated 20% in additional leads by optimizing the layout of the landing page. With the Adobe solutions, UniCredit increased pay-per-click leads by 70% and affiliation leads by 110%.

“No other competitor in Italy has the same level of visibility and control over its online channels, particularly when it comes to lead generation,” says Elliott.

For additional information about how UniCredit uses the Adobe Online Marketing Suite to see business results, check out their published success story. What strategies has your company employed to increase leads and acquisitions?