DEMCO, a top library sup­plier, uses the Adobe Online Mar­ket­ing Suite, inte­grated with Sil­ver­pop, to tar­get cus­tomers that leave items in carts and encour­age them to com­plete their purchases.

Espe­cially with the chang­ing role of libraries, our goal is to save librar­i­ans time and money in obtain­ing the every­day sup­plies they need,” says Lisa Mol­ing, eMar­ket­ing plan­ner for DEMCO. “A sig­nif­i­cant por­tion of our sales come through our e-commerce web­site, and our online cus­tomers respond well to e-mail mar­ket­ing and pro­mo­tional items such as dis­count coupons.”

With the Adobe Online Mar­ket­ing Suite and Sil­ver­pop, DEMCO has seen some incred­i­ble results. The com­pany has achieved a 22% con­ver­sion rate after the first email fol­low up and 400% higher con­ver­sion rates from cart aban­don­ment emails than through other online mar­ket­ing tactics.

The rev­enue we are gar­ner­ing from sophis­ti­cated, behav­ior dri­ven e-mail remar­ket­ing more than pays for the cost of the Adobe Online Mar­ket­ing Suite and Sil­ver­pop com­bined,” Mol­ing says. “The inte­grated solu­tion met all of our expec­ta­tions and helped us achieve exactly what we set out to do.”

For addi­tional infor­ma­tion about how DEMCO uses the Adobe Online Mar­ket­ing Suite to see busi­ness results, check out their pub­lished suc­cess story. Is your com­pany lever­ag­ing e-mail remar­ket­ing as a way to reach cus­tomers and prospec­tive customers?