Do you want to be able to get to the data you need more quickly in Dis­cover?  Below are 5 tips to save you time as you dis­cover more infor­ma­tion about your vis­i­tors and oppor­tu­ni­ties to enhance your site.

1.  Quick seg­ment creation

Often I find myself look­ing at a report in Dis­cover and I think that a par­tic­u­lar value in a report is inter­est­ing, inter­est­ing enough for me to want to dig deeper, which requires me cre­at­ing a seg­ment.  Instead of going to the seg­ment builder from the left menu, you can cre­ate the seg­ment from within the report itself.  Just right click on the value and you get a menu like the screen shot blow.  Once you select which con­tainer you want to use, Dis­cover cre­ates the seg­ment and auto­mat­i­cally places it in the report that you are in.  You can then right click on the seg­ment to save it if you want to keep it for future use.

2.  Quick report change

I com­pare seg­ments, a lot.  When com­par­ing seg­ments it takes a lit­tle bit of time to get the report set up exactly like I want it with the right seg­ments.  Instead of hav­ing to go through the same process for all the other reports you want to view you can change a report with the right click of your mouse.  Just right click on the report name and go to Change Report and you will see the reports menu.  If you want to keep your orig­i­nal report you can copy the report first and then per­form this mod­i­fi­ca­tion on the copy.

3.  Break­ing down more than one row at a time

You may want to com­pare mul­ti­ple val­ues in a report bro­ken by the same report.  You can click on the green plus but­ton by each one of them and select the break­down report.  To save you a lit­tle bit of time you have the option to use the CTRL key to select sev­eral val­ues and then click on the green but­ton next to one of the val­ues and select your break­down report.

4.  Copy to clipboard

How many of you have been wish­ing and wait­ing for trended fall-out data?  Well, if you have Dis­cover it is already here.  I think this is one of those fea­tures that peo­ple don’t notice or for­get, which is why I wanted to take the time to cover it today.

Within the Dis­cover inter­face you get a view of what the trend looks like with the spark line next to the con­ver­sion num­ber.  If you would like the raw data it is as sim­ple as open­ing up Excel, flip­ping back to Dis­cover, click­ing the Copy to Clip­board but­ton and past­ing in Excel.

You will notice a lot of data when you paste the fall-out report into Excel.  The first sec­tion includes the def­i­n­i­tions of what each check­point is defined as.  The sec­ond sec­tion shows the totals for the top next pages from the check­point when vis­i­tors fall-out (do not even­tu­ally make it to the next check­point) or fall-through (con­tinue on to the next check­point).  The third sec­tion is where you will find the trended data for the fall-out, includ­ing the per­cent of traf­fic that con­tin­ues on to each step/checkpoint.

5.  Com­par­ing the same seg­ment over time

Some­times my analy­sis starts with ques­tions like, “Why was there a big jump in vis­i­tors from Canada to my web­site?”  This analy­sis requires me to com­pare the same seg­ment for two dif­fer­ent time peri­ods, which is super easy to do in Dis­cover.  Just cre­ate your seg­ment and once it is saved you can drag it over to the report twice, so that you have two instances of the same seg­ment in the report.  Then at the bot­tom of the report you will notice you now have two lines on the time range, one for each seg­ment.  Use the han­dles at each of the time line to select the two time peri­ods you want to com­pare.  Because the seg­ments are dif­fer­ent sizes I like to look at the per­cent of total instances each line item rep­re­sents.  As in the screen shot below you may notice that a sig­nif­i­cantly greater per­cent of traf­fic came from one refer­ral source, like in this case “yahoo​.com” (5.51% vs. 3.67%).

You might be sur­prised to know that some of these lit­tle golden nuggets and more can be found in the Dis­cover User Guide (go to Help > Doc­u­men­ta­tion within Site­Cat­a­lyst).  I can hear the groans now, you prob­a­bly dis­like read­ing man­u­als as much as I do, but I promise you, this one is well worth your time and will allow you to use Dis­cover more effec­tively, so I encour­age you to read through it and cre­ate your­self a lit­tle cheat sheet of the golden nuggets you find.

Adrian Land
Adrian Land

Thanks for the top tips. I knew some, but the others are a nice add-on. Everybody loves shortcuts.

Jesse B
Jesse B

These are some great tips. I'm glad to see a blog dedicated to Discover. Keep it coming!