A Thousand Points of Insight, Part Two

Christopher Parkin, Director, Genesis Solutions, Digital Marketing Business Unit, Adobe

Part Two: How digital marketers use the adobe genesis partner ecosystem today

In our last blog we looked at the lessons learned as we listened to you—our customers—about what you needed and didn’t need when it came to taking action on the insights you gained from your digital marketing efforts. We discovered that an elegant and relatively simple solution, that doing fewer things extremely well, was much more important than having a solution with too many features and too much complexity. After all, figuring out how to combine your insights across systems and reach customers across channels and devices can be complex enough. Our job is to make it easier and more effective.

Today, we’re still listening, and now working even more closely with our customers to help them integrate all their insights so they can see the big picture, not just parts of the whole. To support this, organizations in all kinds of industries are leveraging Adobe Genesis. In fact, digital marketers have deployed more than 1,300 Genesis integrations to engage customers and boost sales.

Let me share a few examples:

As one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies, Vodafone, found that about 80% of website visitors abandoned the checkout cart before completing their purchases. But by using Adobe Genesis to reengage customers with targeted emails, the company quickly recaptured the attention of 75% of those potential customers (Vodafone managers could tell because they knew that those customers at least opened the email). From there, 43% of the customers went back to the website and viewed more content. In the end, 15% of the opened emails resulted in a recovered sale, helping the company achieve a 7% net increase in online sales. Check out this brand new Vodaphone case study: http://omniture.com/go/41492 .

Like Vodafone, DEMCO—the nation’s top online supplier of products to libraries—uses Adobe Genesis to bring lost customers back to its website. By sending reminder emails (at one-day, three-day, and five-day intervals) to customers who stopped shopping mid-checkout, DEMCO achieved a 22% increase in conversion after its first campaign. At the same time, the company used the insights gathered about how return visitors navigated web pages in order to further refine online experiences, helping yield even greater returns. In contrast to its previous email campaigns, DEMCO saw 97 times the revenue per thousand using this more targeted, informed approach. In less than a year these results were achieved through a one-person operation which was implemented from the ground up using Adobe SiteCatalyst for Web analytics, a new email service provider and the Adobe Genesis integration.

In another example, SprintNextel, serving over 52 million customers at the end of 2Q11, implemented a Genesis integration with a leading social media provider in support of their BuzzAboutWireless.com initiative. The integration provided community managers with rich social driven data allowing them to measure the impact of social media on key business drivers such as customer acquisition and average purchase value.

With an extensive network of accredited Adobe Genesis application partners, customers worldwide are opting to use a variety of other powerful data integrations to reach their online optimization goals. For instance, with ad serving integrations, customers gain richer, more valuable insight into the impact of their ad serving at the campaign, display ad, site, and placement levels.

In other implementations for CRM and Salesforce Automation (SFA), Adobe Genesis enables organizations to directly monitor the impact of marketing activities on sales. For example, Limelight Networks implemented the Genesis Closed Loop Marketing integration with Salesforce.com in support of their B2B marketing initiatives. On their first campaign, they increased sales qualified leads 139% by optimizing offers though side-by-side offer analysis made possible through the integration.

Opportunities to digitally engage customers across channels and devices are virtually limitless today. Yet for many, the challenge of figuring out the best approach for each channel remains, as organizations look to stand out from competitors, build customer loyalty, and uncover or recover revenue. With the right mix of solutions, organizations are discovering they can engage customers with the products and services they want at just the right time and then track the returns—regardless of the digital channel or device customers are using.

While many digital marketers are deriving value from Genesis, we continue to make enhancements that make it even easier to integrate partner technologies and get actionable insight. I’ll discuss some of these new enhancements in my next post!

shahzad hassan butt
shahzad hassan butt

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