When we decided to boldly reinvent our analytics offerings to become a single solution within Adobe Marketing Cloud, I knew we were about to make waves in the enterprise Web analytics field. The latest Forrester Research report confirms my bias, declaring, “Adobe has set high expectations with its vision of making sophisticated analytics available and valuable to all marketers.”

Adobe Analytics leads the pack in the newly released Forrester Wave: Web Analytics Q2, 2014 report. Compared with the other vendors, we earned the highest position with our current offering, strategy, and market presence. We landed the highest possible scores in 66 out of 75 criteria, from Customer Satisfaction and Product Strategy, to Analytics, Social, and Mobile capabilities.

Over the next several weeks, more than a dozen of my team members will be blogging on various aspects of Adobe Analytics to highlight our performance in the Forrester Wave: Web Analytics Q2, 2014 report as well as digging into critical features that help our 140,000 plus users understand some of our awesome new features and workflows. Follow the Adobe Digital Marketing Blog for a close look at the criteria that sets us apart, and learn why the world’s best-known brands and leading marketers rely on Adobe Analytics, the core of Adobe Marketing Cloud, to drive their digital marketing.

Better, Simpler, Smarter, Stronger: The Adobe Analytics Executive Vision

I’m proud that Adobe Analytics is not only the data and analytics backbone of Adobe Marketing Cloud, but also the backbone of many digitally empowered organizations around the world. The Forrester Wave is an independent report that set out to distinguish vendors that support digital analytics needs within the enterprise. Our one-two combination of strong offerings and strong strategy set us furthest up and to right in the leader’s section of the report.

Adobe’s Executive Vision drew special notice. Researchers evaluated the strength and clarity of our vision of the market and corporate strategy. Our vision is unique to the analytics market in that we are looking beyond digital marketing needs to the next evolution, allowing our offerings to be shaped by the complex needs of marketers within a broader digital ecosystem.

“Adobe Analytics is vital to Starwood’s business, as we focus on better understanding who our customers are and how they prefer to interact with us. With so many channels and languages, we’re looking at dozens of sites simultaneously. Adobe Analytics helps our team to better market our 1,200 properties in 100 different countries across multiple channels,” said Jen Yacenda, Associate Director of Digital Analytics, Starwood Hotels.

My team is committed to pushing innovations that will continue to drive strong integrations across the Adobe Marketing Cloud  as we continue striving for greater simplicity, accessibility and time to insight. Our investments are always aimed at better data, simpler experience, smarter analysis, and stronger integrations. Analytics initiatives on the horizon will meet evolving demands in four key areas: predictive, real time, mobile, and integration.