The Adobe Analytics business has had a great start in 2014, receiving a number of significant accolades, including the SIIA CODiE Award for Best Content Analytics Solution and the Digital Analytics Association Award for Most Influential Vendor. And just this week we were recognized as a Web analytics leader in The Forrester Wave: Web Analytics Q2, 2014 report. We were honored to receive the highest scores in the Forrester Wave in current offering, strategy, market presence, and executive vision, with top scores in 66 out of 75 criteria.

These awards are evidence of Adobe’s commitment to solving our customers’ problems with scalable enterprise solutions for their analytics infrastructure as they tackle Big Data to drive marketing efforts.

Our customers are in varying stages of analytics maturity, and each one is on a journey of transitioning to digital. We make it a point to listen carefully to each customer to understand their pain points and needs so we can build better, smarter workflows into Adobe Analytics. We have been responding to our customers and more than 140,000 users’ needs by building out capabilities that will help marketers and analysts put data and algorithms to work for their marketing endeavors. We have automated processes and used advanced math to help reduce the dependence on quants, yet still deliver the critical insights required to be truly data-driven across marketing channels.

This week, Adobe announced the release of multiple powerful analytics capabilities, extending our lead in enterprise analytics. This new release of Adobe Analytics adds some robust analytics features, including live stream data feeds, predictive marketing decision trees, new mobile app analytics, and Apple iBeacon support.

CSC concluded that Adobe Analytics is the company’s “ideal choice.” Christopher Marin, director of CSC’s digital marketing platform, says, “What’s exciting about Adobe Analytics is that the solution is constantly being improved with new innovations that redefine what it means to do analysis in this space.” Five of the core features we’ve just released respond to (and exceed) our customers’ expectations, enabling flexible and meaningful data-driven marketing.

5 More Reasons Why Adobe Analytics Is the “Ideal Choice”

1. Live Stream (Real-Time Event Firehose)

The new live stream capabilities in Adobe Analytics provide sub-second views of incoming customer event data. Marketers have the ability to customize powerful live visualizations of real-time data for instant insights. For example, we’ve seen customers generate visualizations (similar to these five dashboards from where the store product and purchase amount scrolled on a screen as they occurred in real life. We’ve also seen customer visualizations of pins dropping on a map each time a purchase occurs in any given region across the globe. With this new real-time enhancement, marketers and analysts can quickly understand microtrends to make rapid campaign improvements.

The data from your digital properties and campaigns appears in your live stream within seconds and provides a powerful tool for in-session retargeting, real-time monitoring, and important alerts. This is only the beginning of what will become possible with this new extension of our real-time analytics capabilities.

2. Predictive Marketing Decision Trees

This new visualization tool expresses your audience’s characteristics and touchpoints in a tree-like graph that points to potential interactions and outcomes. Decision trees can help you anticipate the most likely decisions a customer will make and step in at critical moments to influence behaviors and conversion. Decision trees will enable marketers to create intelligent rules for website targeting and email offers and to assist call center agents to personalize customer conversations as they are happening.

3. Sophisticated Segmentation

Brands don’t need to rely on dedicated data scientists when segmentation is this customizable and accessible. Digital marketers and analysts can better understand their businesses, discover new audiences, and analyze customer behavior by leveraging Big Data within Adobe Analytics. Everyone in your organization can access the segments most relevant to their needs because segments are shareable across Adobe Marketing Cloud to be leveraged in various campaigns and targeting opportunities. We have taken a highly sophisticated and powerful capability and made it accessible for any marketer or analyst to leverage in pursuit of their marketing KPIs.

Our new segment builder enables high-value audience remarketing, allowing marketers to send customized offers to high-value audiences as defined by purchase history, repeat purchase likelihood, or other indicators of value or loyalty.

4. Mobile App Analytics

The ability to measure mobile properties is in high demand because brands are looking for deeper insights into how their apps are being used as well as how they are driving engagement and conversion. As the industry leader in mobile app analytics, our latest enhancement delivers greater insight to mobile marketers and analysts, enabling them to easily integrate pre-downloaded behavior with app usage data to understand how mobile app campaigns are affecting audiences. Marketers can also attribute campaigns to key mobile user behaviors for deeper insights into the value of users across channels, including social platforms.

Mobile app analytics enables marketers to move their customers from mobile websites to high-loyalty app experiences and attribute app usage activity to their campaigns.

5. Apple iBeacon Support

We’re making it easier for marketers to see how mobile users are engaging with their brand in stores. Adobe Analytics now supports Apple iBeacons so marketers can create personalized iBeacon customer experiences, sending targeted content and offers to mobile apps as users browse a store in real time. This feature is also helpful for understanding how mobile users navigate physical spaces, tracking on-the-ground movements in stores, trade show halls, or conferences. It’s going to be fun for all of us to see how this changes in-store marketing.

Take the Lead With Adobe Analytics

These are only a handful of the powerful new enhancements that solidify Adobe Analytics as the backbone of Adobe Marketing Cloud and extend our lead in the enterprise analytics field. There’s no question we’re the industry leader; the only question is whether or not your organization will leverage the data to see real returns on your marketing.

I want to thank the countless hours and efforts across our product management and engineering teams that have led to the many innovations we are releasing in our Spring 2014 Adobe Analytics launch. It is amazing to see how our shared vision and goals can bring the collective focus required to truly innovate and extend our lead in enterprise analytics.

Analytics innovation is alive and well at Adobe.