When the one of the largest banks in Turkey wanted to drive more business through its diverse online channels, it chose the Adobe Marketing Cloud to get the job done.

With assets of more than $95 billion (USD), Garanti Bank serves more than 11 million corporate, private, commercial, retail, and investment customers. Besides the bank’s public website, which processes half a million transactions each day, the bank actively engages customers via mobile banking products, email and marketing outreach, and online advertising.

Adobe Marketing Cloud enables Garanti Bank to monitor customer experiences from start to finish. For instance, the bank monitors online loan applications according to encrypted customer ID numbers. Garanti Bank then uses the information to reconnect with customers who dropped out of the process. By using Adobe Marketing Cloud to guide remarketing opportunities, Garanti Bank has increased mobile conversion by 7%, social conversion by 50%, and grown social audiences by 5%. Since adopting Adobe Marketing Cloud, Garanti Bank has also cut ad spending by one-third, tripled ad conversion, and increased overall customer conversion by 10%.

As Garanti Bank’s Interactive and Communications Design Manager Evrim Ersoy put it, “Now managers can get the deeper, more granular insights necessary to make more meaningful business decisions with greater opportunity for positive outcomes.”

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