When Adobe needs to optimize bidding for keywords and enhance search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, Adobe looks no further than its Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

“With integrated Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Analytics solutions, we could leverage built-in bidding algorithms and real-time analysis for incredible insight and control over our search campaigns,” says Jeff Julian, senior search engine marketing manager at Adobe.

Automatically optimizing search word spending with Adobe Media Optimizer helps marketers effectively manage large numbers of non-branded keywords. Adobe also used the solution to introduce cloud-based services for the popular Adobe Acrobat, raising product feature awareness. Optimized bidding on search terms like “online forms” and “search tools” decreased our cost-per-acquisition by 30% and increased orders by 300%, compared with the previous year.

Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions are fully integrated. Data from Adobe Analytics drives richer insights for better campaign planning, while Adobe Social enhances search campaigns with specialized analysis in social media environments. Adobe Media Optimizer integration with Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager gives us the ability to optimize landing pages or dynamically insert keywords for greater performance and conversion.

“With Adobe Media Optimizer automating monitoring markets and calculating bids, our search marketers are free to spend more time establishing goals and refining campaigns,” says Julian. “By spending our time optimizing campaigns—and not on more routine bid management—we can focus on achieving bigger performance gains with less spend across the board.”

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